My them showers, helping them get dressed,

My first day in my clinical was very good. Me
and my partner were working together with the PSWs in order to help the
residents. We helped the residents in giving them showers, helping them get
dressed, and making their beds. The one aspect of care that I did very well was
feeding one of the residents. When I was feeding one of the resident at lunch, I
realized that I was actually building a mutual understanding and trust between the
resident and me, because in the morning, the same resident didn’t respond to my
questions and she kept looking at me and my partner while we were helping her
get dressed and now at lunch she was holding my hand, smiling and looking at me
when I was feeding her. The one thing that needs improvement is, practicing hand
hygiene before and after touching the residents, which I didn’t do well as they
were not enough hand sanitizers but in the conference we had, people had
suggested to bring own sanitizers, and in that way we get in practice for
performing hand hygiene