My Pensive Day amidst Nature Essay

Thoreau Pastiche My stay in the woods seemed to come to an end. I packed up the necessities I had brought with me and slowly walked home. The two miles out of the woods was as beautiful as nature herself, for I passed the lovely serene pond I had bathed in every morning, my beans that I had planted, and the grand anthill. I was greatly surprised when I saw a chipmunk pass right before my feet as he chased his dinner. Throughout my walk, I thought about how I had found myself. My isolation from society made me realize who I am as a person, for my individualism is quite amazing.

Exiting the forest, I paid my tributes to the exquisite woman for her shelter and protection and was on my way home. While walking on the dark beaten up asphalt road many people stopped to ask if I needed a ride back to my humble abode. I was quite pestered by these men driving cars and stopping me during my walk, but I kindly said no and continued on my journey. I began to realize the stench of myself. I did not have the best of smell, but my clothes were still perfectly fine. Yes, there were a few dirt stains and a little tear here or there but I did not see the need to buy new clothes.

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In addition, I can just wash them when I get home, problem solved. Entering town I did not get a good feeling. Everyone seemed to be on a device that communicated with something. So intrigued with this new technological advancement, nobody even realized the beauty of the trees and the world around them. I was appalled by how people acted. It seemed as if this device controlled them. I furthered my observation when I saw one young man taping on the cover of this device and not talking into it as others had done. I had to ask someone what this horrid piece of machinery was. I was informed it was called a cellphone.

This machinery seemed to rule and control people’s lives. As I continued my journey home, I saw multiple moving signs and signals. Baffled by all this technology I was lost to words. We have lost who we are as people to all of these annoying advancements. I soon passed a store called Whole Foods. This store was a place filled with a copiousness of food. How terrible these people are, they do not even grow their own food anymore, for it is brought to this place and sold in abundance. It seemed as if people do not grow food for themselves anymore. Furthermore, the style of dress of people seemed to stand out to me.

For one man was wearing a suit and tie, where the other wore denim like pant and a worn t-shirt. For to me this represented different social classes, which should not be acceptable at all, everyone should be equal. My trek from my mother nature was awful. Nature seemed to be non-apparent in the world today. Technology rules people’s lives, providing for oneself is no more, and people now have higher social rankings then others. Society has completely changed from the normal I once knew. Maybe we would be better off to stay secluded from the world where one can focus on his/her studies and live one with nature.