My me to reason out all of

familial background has helped me to be what I am today. My father being a post
graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, I have been one of the
most fortunate persons to have known the importance of questioning theoretical
concepts learnt and to accept its correctness only upon proper reasoning. Also,
at a very early age I came to know the importance of understanding the reasons
behind any methodology before forming any opinion about it. This made me to
reason out all of my actions before actually performing it and it has always
helped me in reducing the errors that might take place while carrying out

school, it was natural for me to be more interested towards Mathematics and
Physics which involved proper reasoning behind any theory or any lemma. I was
motivated to do several simple but innovative projects in Physics which got
selected for the national level project meets. It helped me gain invaluable
experience of working in a team. My first opportunity to lead a team came when
I was selected to lead my school Table Tennis team in regional level
tournaments. This experience helped me grow as a leader capable of motivating
and leading a team to perform to the best of its potential.

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my undergraduate studies, I moved to another state and with it I was able to
experience a vast change in culture. It presented a challenge in itself to cope
up with different patterns of study and different tastes of people. I have also
been an integral part of the National Service Scheme of our college which has
given an invaluable facelift to my character as a whole by providing
experiences of serving the needy. In my first year I participated in the annual
camp conducted as part of this scheme. Then, during my second and third years
at college I led a team which conducted the annual camp. As part of the camp we
organized medical awareness program. I, with my involvement in social
activities, was able to inspire others in my team by demonstrating that even a
physically challenged person can be of help to the society.

these days I have experienced the diversity in culture and social background of
people in my country and it has helpeds me in shaping my thought process to
accommodate the interests of various categories of people. Today, I intend to
further increase my experience with varied cultural background of students and
faculty of University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I believe that it is essential
for anyone to get well acquainted with people of varied background in today’s
world because the world is shrinking with more and more advancements in the
communication technologies. My exposure at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
will be very helpful in this regard.