My good work ethic. They always taught

My background has allowed me many
opportunities to be involved with diverse situations, where my confident and
tenacious personality has set me apart from others, and my willingness to take
risks has helped me grow in life.  From
my first job as an event coordinator, to meeting the senior management in
Geometric Limited and facilitating ideas for boasting employee morale at the
company I worked for, I believe that these experiences would definitely
contribute to the RBS diverse culture.

With no
direction and no goals, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Commerce, not
knowing what my future will be. Till one day when I met a Corporate
communications professional, and started thinking that I am just like him. And
after much deliberation, I was confident that Corporate Communication is the
right path for me. After joining the Master’s program, I experienced a
different world opening to me. I learned that if I tried hard, I could succeed
as I possessed the ability to take advantages of the opportunities. Excited by
the new environment, I excelled professionally at Geometric.

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My parents have always stressed
on the importance of good work ethic. They always taught me two things in life,
one of being proud of what I do, and above all, to care about everything I do
as if everything had a big impact.

My true responsibility occurred
when my father, a businessman, who was going through some quite times asked me
to join his firm back in my hometown. With a little hesitation of leaving my
career behind, I decided to help my father, who has always been there for us. My
primary responsibilities were accounting, and updating the inventories. I received
invaluable experience working in this small-sized firm that was trying to find
its place in the emerging market economy.


While working with my father, I realized
that his business was never about money, but about honoring his occupation; he
focused his mind and soul on an endeavor that could provide him with a sense of

Though my mother devoted her life
to our family with no thought of rewards for herself, I flexed my
entrepreneurial muscle by opening a small bakery business for my mom. In
addition to learning as much as possible about bakery, I implemented several
creative sales techniques that proved to be successful in a small town of Patna.
After few months of hard (but enjoyable) work, we had a monopoly of baking
cakes in the area, fulfilling my mother’s dream of baking and financial

Ove the years I have realized that
I cannot directly benefit myself of my parents’ advice, but I can at least
follow them: the true test of a character is the ability to be changed for the
better by difficult circumstances.