My gain a wider aspect and real

My devotion to study law was developed when I discovered my
mother was involved with a case; whereby my sister had suffered from negligence.
As a result of this the solicitor’s legal reports and phone calls were made,
and this helped me to gain a wider aspect and real insight to the legal life.
This personally helped me recognise that Law revolves around us and touches almost
every aspect of our lives.  As a current
Law student I am alert of the fact that, law is a highly competitive field which
requires a lot of hard work and dedication, this can be seen through the fact
that I have an extremely good record of punctuality and attendance
and I am also determined to do well.

I have planned to obtain work experience at my local Law
firm in January 2018; through this I aim to discern and participate to the best
of my ability so I can enhance my knowledge of Law, practically. Currently, I
am studying A-Level Law, History and English Language and Literature Combined.
I personally chose to take History as one of my options as I find it extremely
interesting learning about the world around me and the reasons we are here
today due to the past effecting us, also learning about if different Laws and
Legislations were made in the past, would things be different in the world we
live in today?. Studying A-level English Literature and Language combined,
allows me   to develop my analytical,
written and verbal skills, which really compliments Law. In Law I have the
experience of studying and analysing legal cases, I have also studied the Law
making and the legal system, the concept of liability and Criminal Law.  Throughout this course I have developed my
debating and evaluating skills and applying the Law in exams.Overall, I believe
all of these subjects have taught me true valuable life lessons, which will
continue to help me and develop me in the upcoming future.

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I have completed seven weeks of voluntary service at Duke
Street Nursery; I believe volunteering is the ultimate expression of human
relationships and skills freely. During this service I interacted and
supervised young children. I assisted the children with painting, reading and
sporting activities. I also had to help the staff organise the dining room
before dinner. This gave me confidence as it required me to interact with the
teachers and the children, to help bring about what was best for the
children.  In the summer of July 2016 I
also took part in a National Citizen Service Programme, which provided me with
a great opportunity to grow in confidence and face the challenge of meeting new
people from different faiths and backgrounds. This programme has also enhanced
my leadership skills as I was assigned to lead a group of 25 people in
Edinburgh and also organise a charity event, which had been successful.

Outside of college I have taken the opportunity to take part
in a local charity event to succour the disabled that have Down syndrome. My
role was to take the leadership role and organise the event, this ensured that
I had complete commitment and determination to ensure the event was successful.
Some of the personal skills that this role required were leadership skills and
also to be able to work as team, this skill shows that I have the ability to
work independently and as a group. Most importantly I really enjoyed taking
this role, it gave me an experience and the resilience to continue when
something did not go as planned. As I was completely committed, I knew that the
result of this event being a success was going to make a difference to those
who had the disability, as all the money raised went towards the Spire house. I
have also been blessed with the role of becoming prefect in my secondary
school, which required obligations to be fulfilled to the best of my ability.
It came with great responsibility: I believe responsibility is the main factor
that teaches us maturity, which defines what we are.

Furthermore, I have taken the role of a peer mentor; this
has refined my transferable skills, as it requires me to be use leadership
skills, effectively manage my time, alongside my A-levels. Mentoring allows me
to demonstrate my skills as well as supporting my peers. This comes with great
responsibility, and allows me to grow both as a person and academically.

In order to obtain a clear understanding of the legal
profession and as an interest, I have visited Manchester Crown Court and
Chorley Magistrates court numerous times. As a hobby, I enjoy reading, and
exploring different cultures and religions. This is vital to me as I find it
particularly stimulating learning about all the different cultures. It teaches
us to appreciate and honour everyone no matter what ethnicity they are or what they
believe in.