My an intern at Wipro Technologies on

My interest towards Computer Science developed during my junior high school as I was curious about the endless ways computers could help in solving real-world problems. My curiosity was specifically drawn in the way computers solved complex mathematical problems with few lines of codes and programs. This drove me to choose Computer Science as my major in high school and undergraduate education. I have gained rich industrial research experience in the field of Algorithms, Design Patterns, Databases and Application Development which contributes to high-quality software. The urge to strengthen and enhance my knowledge in the field of Computer Science motivated me to plan for graduate studies.

While pursuing my undergraduate education, I had developed prodigious interests for Object-Oriented Programming Languages, Database Systems, Operating Systems, and Algorithms. My capstone project was on “Visual Cryptography Schemes for Secret Image” using LZW algorithm and developed in Java and Swing. This project not only enhanced my Java coding skills but also led to an increased my interests in Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Pattern Recognition, and Software Development due to the research involved. I pursued Advanced Java concepts course from SQL Star International Limited which included JDBC & Java EE Platform, Web Component Development with Servlet and JSP Technology (SL_314), Struts Framework and Hibernate. Attending the classes during this course enhanced my understanding of the Web Technologies.

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Because of my sound technical, I got an opportunity to work as an intern at Wipro Technologies on a Banking web application for 6 months where I was involving in full stack development on Java, J2EE, MVC Architecture, Junit test cases using power mock, easy mock and end-to-end testing using selenium. This helped me gain insights into the practical realization of the knowledge gained. The active feedback from my technical lead provides an incremental growth of my skill set and abilities.

Currently, I am working as a software engineer in CGI Group where I was introduced to various technologies and applications. I started working as a Software Engineer and Deutsche Bank as my client where my role is in the development of an Equity Synthesis Swap (ESS) application. As a role of software developer, I have designed GUI using C#, Window Presentation Foundation(WPF) and MVVM Architecture. My first most challenging task was to design and implement a full Swap Screen in C# and WPF from scratch which was completely new to me but I learned and delivered the product on time with the quality for which I was appreciated and awarded with the pat on back award. This success has endorsed a lot of enthusiasm me more towards programming languages. Later, I was pitched into backend side on Java, J2EE as well as the database on Sybase. The passion towards learning programming keeps growing with time and I have completed more than 3 years in this project. During this period, I have been given the opportunity to work at the client location in New York twice for business meeting and training where I have gain opportunity to work with the senior technical team and learned more about architecture and designing of upcoming next-generation banking and finance products. However, I have realized my desire to focus on my area of interests and I intend to believe that there is a need to obtain particular propelled knowledge with your esteemed university to build up my career in the field of computer science

Master’s in Computer Science would be an incredible way of diving into further developed coursework and I believe it would be the most appropriate approach to expand my specialized skills to gain in-depth knowledge of algorithms, as it would provide both, breadth and depth of academic exposure. In the present era, Computer Science is a standout amongst the most focused fields. I feel, to develop and support my specialty in this field to get the majorities of knowledge. Master’s program would provide me with an upper hand to face all the challenges to accomplish my goals. It would be an extraordinary open door for me to test my knowledge base, which has been set-up during my undergraduate course and grow it to its most extreme potential.

The curriculum that Rochester Institute of Technology at New York offers Advanced Programming and Theory/Algorithms Area which turn out to be the center point of affinity for me. Software and Hardware courses would help me to gain skills and information which was lacked during my undergraduate studies. This will emphatically lead me in the field of Computers and technologies. The Independent Study choice would provide me a chance to interact with Prof. Aaron deever, who is dedicated to the computational understanding of Computer programming and Algorithm as the primary research area. This opportunity will add to my performance during the entire course. Besides, the Internship choice is one such amazing chance that would give me field experience, test my knowledge and help me to influence the best to out of my Master’s degree course. Hence, this curriculum is best for an aspirant like me.

To conclude, my interest in the knowledge in the field of Computer Science has consistently augmented. I believe that my desire for academic mastery, my certifications, strong academic background in areas of Technologies and relevant work experience will be instrumental in my graduate studies. I strongly believe that pursuing master’s degree in Computer Science at your university would fulfill my desire of acquiring knowledge and contributing to the research happening towards the development of innovative solutions for various purposes.