Munich Olympics Research Essay

Munich Olympics The most horrifying event happened in 1972. This has come to be known as the Munich Massacre. It was during the Olympics when eight Arab Terriost decided to invade. This was a worldwide event when most people were looking forward to breaking records but the only thing they were left with was broken hearts. This event is an example of tension that a nation has that causes them to want revenge on another nation. The Munich Massacre was so sudden and no one could really predict that it would happen. Throughout history tension among nations can often lead to tragedy.

This was seen during the Munich Olympics in political tensions, terrorist attacks, and the effect the aftermath had on the involved nations. The day to remember is September 5, 1992. The Olympic Games were invaded by five terriost. These Arab Terriost climbed over the wall, and surrounded the village. How they did this was they arrived on the outskirts of Munich and scaled a perimeter fence protecting thousands of athletes sleeping in the Olympic Village. What made them not noticeable was that they had their weapons in their athletic bags, so no one would suspect the threat.

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Sooner or later, these terriost were met by three other suspects. Then after they got to the Olympic Village were all the professionals slept, the action begun to take place. They stole a key to get into the building, so they had easy access to proceed with their mission. Yossef Gutfreund (who was the wrestling referee) heard a scratch against the door, and heard the door creak a little. He became suspicious and went close to the door and saw it open a little more. So he then turned around to see what’s happening, and he saw guys wearing mask and carrying guns.

He then screamed to everyone, for they could get out quick and safe. Right after that Moshe Weinberg (the wrestling coach) heard the scream, and went out to see what’s going on. He saw the intruders, and went for the attack to help the rest of the people escape. Only one of the wrestlers escaped and the rest were transferred into another room. But, Weinberg went for an attack again, except this time, he knocked one of the intruders unconscious and then he stabbed and injured one with a small knife.

After he stabbed this intruder, he was shot and killed. But, right after, the referee Gutfreund made an attack and than he also injured an intruder really bad, but he was also shot and killed. After they were killed, the Arab Terriost gathered up nine Israelis to keep as hostage in a room. As, soon as they finished getting the hostages to the other room, they announced that they were Palestinians, and they demanded them to 200 Arab soldiers Israel had, and that they had a safe exit for they won’t get caught with their act there are putting on.

They also mentioned that they were from a faction called Black September Then, negotiations took place, the Arab Terriost wanted more than what they could have. The Germans even promised them that they could have how much money they want if they just let them go, but they replied, “money means nothing to us; our lives mean nothing to us” (Munich Massacre). They finally came up with a plan; they would be transported to a helicopter by a bus, than they can get in the helicopter with their hostages and fly to the NATO airbase.

When they reach there, they were then allowed to fly to Cairo with their hostages. During this procedures the Germans, thought that there were only five Arab Terriost but there were actually eight, and they then figured out that they didn’t have enough gun men to shoot down the terrorist when they reach the airport. After the helicopter landed at the base, the German sharpshooters started to fire, which lead in a bloody encounter. Then, one of the biggest media mistakes happened. They were mistakenly informed that they were safe, and that the hostages were fine, but this wasn’t true.

About an hour later, they had to report that the battle was still going on, and that they didn’t release the Arab Terriost hostages yet. Suddenly, they received news that the airplane the Israelis were on, one of the Terriost threw a grenade on it and it blew up. After, the one surviving Terriost than gunned down the nine hostages. It was soon reported, “They’re all gone” (Mitchell Brad). All of the nine hostages died, and five of the Arab Terriost died along with them, followed by a policeman. Than the last three, that was helpers of the Munich Massacre were captured and put in jail.

But almost a month later, there was another hijacking and the new Terriost demanded to release the Munich Massacre killers. The Munich Massacre was the most horrifying tragedy that happened in the Olympics. A lot of people were scared for life, and most didn’t know what to do during the moment of history. Some people even knew that this event was going to happen because this was the first time the Olympics was held in Germany, and tensions were high because this was the first big event since the holocaust and there was a lot of Israelis there that were nervous this was going to happen.

The ones who were nervous were the victims of the holocaust, or the ones that had family you passed away in the holocaust. Not like this happened right away either because the Israelis waited until a few Days after to make their move on the Olympics. Most of the Germans wanted everything to go smoothly because they were trying to clear up all the racial conflicts that Hitler caused, and try to get their place back to a “normal” one. After the massacre happened, about a day or two later, they had to decide whether to keep the Olympics going, or just to end them right here.

Well, they decided to keep them, and a memorial service was held to all the victims’ during the huge tragedy. They estimated that around 80,000 people came to watch the memorial. It was a touching moment during the Olympics history to, and taught us a very important lesson. What was supposed to be the highlight of the Munich Olympics was Mark Spitz, and he was going for his seventh gold medal in the Olympics, or the highlight was the seventeen year old named Olga Korbut breaking records on the balance team. But, yet the world was remembered of the horrible day, which is known as, The Munich Massacre.

People don’t think about the record breaking action that took place, they were worried about what is wrong, and why the Terriost picked the Olympics to do this. People still even question the Olympics today saying that if this happened and caused such a big impact in history than, maybe they should of cancelled the Olympics. But, this didn’t happen, and the next events for the Munich Olympics went fine. So, the most rememberable Olympics, the most frightening Olympics, and the most horrifying Olympics, is known as the Munich Massacre. During this brutal Olympics experience, there was some pass Political Tensions that were involved.

There was a lot of racism involve during the pass 1936 Olympic games at Berlin. Hitler was still in power, and the Nazi were there and didn’t want to be bothered with any other race. This led to Munich because the political tensions were rising higher, and the Arab Terriost wanted revenge on everything that happened in the pass. Germany in the 1936 Olympics were nasty to everyone, especially Jews and African Americans. They held up signs saying, “No Jews”. They were just stuck on their own leader who was Adolf Hitler at the time, and they were also all Nazi who followed Hitler in his Third Reich.

He wanted to show the world that Germany is powerful and that he was the leader. Most people remember how Hitler had the “dominating race” and the Arab Terrorist wanted to strike back in Germany during the 1972 Munich Olympics games. Revenge was another big thing because all the political tension that was intended from the 1936 Olympics still stayed on their minds. Jesse Owens who was an African American who proved to the world during the 1936 Olympics that Aryan race was not dominant; he proved them wrong and ended up winning 4 gold metals.

This could lead to political tensions during the Munich Massacre because the Arabs wanted revenge on Germany, so they decided that they would mess up the Olympics. “ To help erase memories of the militaristic image of wartime Germany, and specifically of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, which had been exploited by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler for propaganda purposes”(absolute astronomy). This was Germany who wishfully was hoping that nothing would go wrong during this Olympics because they knew that in 1936 how much of a dictator Hitler is and how racist they were.

But, this didn’t happen because of the revenge and the political tension involved. “The Israeli athletes and their trainers were especially nervous; many had family members who had been murdered during the Holocaust or were themselves Holocaust survivors” (Jennifer Rosenberg). They were worried because they didn’t have as much protection as they wanted. Plus they knew that the Olympics were in Germany, and a lot went on during that time period, like the holocaust. The last reason why political tension could lead to tragedy is because of the boycotting.

Many of the nations did not want to participate in this Olympics because it was at Germany, and they knew a lot went on during that pass years, and they wanted to be safe. Most of them still went and participated in the 1972 Olympic Games, but they had a bad feeling about it. Their feelings were right and political tension could lead to tragedy and in this case led to the Munch Massacre. In the Munich Olympics, the biggest part of it was the Terrorist Attacks. This group that calls themselves Black September, planned an attack at the Munich Olympics.

There was a group of eight Arab Terriost, who wanted to invade the Olympics and because a controversy during it, they highly succeeded with their plan, as they stormed through the building where they took the hostages. Terriost attack could lead to serious tragic moments through history and could scare the whole world. For an example, is the Munich, as the Five Terriost walked into the building they were met by three other Arabs. Then they continued with their plan of attacking. “The German Olympics Organizing Committee had encouraged an open and friendly atmosphere n still captured eight Israeli’s hostages and brought them into another room, where they had to wait patiently to see if they were going to get killed or not. The anticipation was high at this Olympics because the Arab Terriost came to release the 230 prisoners but Germany would not give that to them. So they decided that they would take the hostages, and make another deal that would lead them safely out of the place with all of the Israeli’s. This is a big part of how tension could lead to tragedy because the Terriost had a lot of tension for Germany.

Then they took the hostages to Munich and then battle begun. The German soldiers were sent to sharpshooter the Terriost but it went wrong because they didn’t have enough people to take them down. “One Terriost jumped into a helicopter and shot four of the hostages, another Terriost hopped into the other helicopter and used his machine gun to kill the remaining hostages” (Jennifer Roserberg). This was a big part because this when it was basically all over for Germany, because all of the Israeli’s hostages were killed and then five of the Arab Terriost was killed, and three were captured to go back with them.

This shows how Terrorist attacks cause by tension could lead to tragedy. The final concept that proves tension among nations can often lead to tragedy is the affect of the aftermath on the involved nations. Many nations didn’t even want to be part of this Olympics in German because they had a bad feeling. The Munich Massacre had a lot of after effect of everyone because it was a worldwide Olympic event, and everyone was watching. One important concept of the aftermath is the grudges held against Germany.

From the beginning no one wanted to go, but after this happened, no one seemed to like German or the group Black September. Ever since the attack, Germany was considered a dangerous place. Many people spoke out on this too, saying that it should have been canceled in the beginning before all of this happened, and then they could have saved a few lives. Also, Black September got a lot of publicity to because they were the one who caused it. “Two other Black September members hijacked a plane and threaten to blow it up unless the three Munich suspects were released” (newworldcyclopedia).

This caused a lot of problems to; many people brought their grudges to this situation because of what happened in the 1972 Olympic Games. Another reason of the Aftermath is the Debates of continuing the Olympics or not. Many of the trainers and athletes thought that they should cancel in and everyone should get out of Germany while their safe. But this did not happen because Germany officials decided to continue with the Olympics. The rest of the Olympics turned out well, but people were still in shocked and it wasn’t an excited environment because everyone was still worrying about the Massacre that just went on.

The last reason of the Aftermath was that no matter what, there would still be that feeling during the Olympics, that something bad is going too happened, and that there would be another strike against other nations. So, talks started to form of whether the Olympics should be banned or not. No one wants to remember the horrifying event that took place in 1972, so people wanted to ban it. This also did not follow up, and in the following Olympic Games they just had extra security for you won’t get hurt, and everyone is protected from danger.

But, no matter how hard they tried the Munich Massacre of 1972 will never be forgotten, and this shows how tension can lead to tragedy. In conclusion the Munich Massacre was the most horrifying Olympics that happened yet in this world. Many people still think about this day, and it will always be remembered from generation to generation. No Olympic could match the tragic event that happened in this one, and we all still hope that there isn’t anything that could match this event. This day will always be in history and will always be a subject to learn from.

This simply shows how tensions amount other nation could lead to tragedy. Through the main points which are political because of the past Olympic Games boycotting and revenge. Then the Terriost attacks which was in the Munich Olympics. Lastly was the aftermath which was how other nation held grudges against each other, and debates to either ban or stop the Olympics. But, overall the Munich Olympics is a good topic to learn from, because it was the saddest, terrifying event known as the Munich Olympics.