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Mr. PerryDecember 5, 2017Biology Scientist Project: Maurice WilkinsMaurice Wilkins was for many the founder of DNA. They may say this because he andRosalind Franklin were the first people to picture the imago of molecular DNA strands. Let’s goback to the beginning, Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins was born on December 15, 1916 in NewEngland. His father was a doctor, so you can say that it was in his genes. When Mr. Wilkins wassix, he and his family moved to England. When he was 12, he attended Wylde Green College.Maurice became interested in cars, so his father built a workshop in the backyard and he foundhimself spending a lot of his off time in there. With his fascination of cars, he began buildingmodel cars, and considering he was exceptional at it, he set his goals on going to UniversityCambridge. As he got older, he realized how beautiful his hometown was because of the blueskies, and the view of the sea. Fast Forward to 1938, he received his degree from St. John’sCollege and two years later in 1940, he accepted his Ph.D. from University of Birmingham. Tobegin his career he helped the government with applying his research to radar and he assistedwith the making of bombs. He and his colleagues moved to California where their researchcontinued. To be precise, Maurice and his colleagues weren’t directly contributing to the makingof bombs, they were exploring the separation of uranium isotopes. Suddenly after the end of thewar, Wilkins became less fascinated with the concept of making a weapon of mass destruction.Afterwards, he moved to King’s College in London in 1946. Before Wilkins meet RosalindFranklin, he was working with John Randall, and they looked at the molecular structures throughx-ray patterns. Five years later, Randall hired Rosalind Franklin, and she was under theimpression that she was going to be leading the project, as was Wilkins. So initially, the twobudded heads for a while. Franklin took a photo of DNA, that benefited Watson and Crick.Unfortunately Franklin passed away at age 37 in 1958. Watson and Crick used the photo andtheir own research to prove their theory of DNA having a double helix structure. MauriceWilkins passed away in 2004. He was gifted with a Nobel Prize in 1962, alongside Watson andCrick, in Physiology or Medicine. That is why Maurice Wilkins is considered one of the foundersof DNA in modern society.