More than Researching Essay

More than Researching

            Researching is a term commonly heard from a band of students, scholars, or scientists. It is a systematic process of gathering and analyzing information or data in order to increase people’s understanding or to prove a point regarding a certain phenomenon that is being studied or reviewed. It is a tool for informing oneself and others about matters that remain unknown or unnoticed, a means to which a person may find solutions to various problems.

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However, there are times that research being something that “requires collection of data in attempting to resolve the problem that initiated the research” is overlooked and the study becomes under-researched or over researched (Kennedy n.p).

A study that may be considered under-researched is that which lack sufficient information or data that may prove the point or theories held by the researchers. It may result to the invalidity of the hypothesis and the entire research. On the other hand, a study or a research that may be considered as over-researched is that which has too many information or data, which can be considered irrelevant to the stated problem of the study. In this case, information that over validates an idea may become the loophole of the study.

            In order to resolve this, researchers or scholars may turn to other study methods that may prove their point. Experimentation, survey-research, and case-study may be employed in the study and used as further evidence for the hypothesis. Through this, the researcher may incorporate original findings other than borrowed or officially issued data. This may prove to be more advantageous especially when triangulated with other researched information (“Triangulation”).

            As such, it may be said that the rule “anything in excess may cause as much harm as insufficiency might” may be applied also in researching. Excessive information may serve to the disadvantage of a study; while lacking of evidence or proving data may cause invalidity to the research. A solution to this is triangulation accompanied by other methods of gathering data. In triangulation, the data gathered from multiple sources may be synthesized into one balanced finding, thus there would be no possibility for over-researching and under-researching may as well be prevented (“Triangulation”).

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