Moral Reasoning Essay

Throughout this essay I will be discussing the actions of Mike McQueary. Mike McQueary was the one who saw Jerry Sandusky molest a boy in the shower in 2001. The actions taken by Mike McQueary to not report the incident to the authorities were wrong and not moral. McQueary also took part of the silence that the remainder staff took when they found out about the incident. If McQueary would have notified the authorities immediately after seeing the graphic visual image of Sandusky molesting the boy in the shower probably other boys would have not had to endure such a horrific act by Sandusky.

McQueary’s actions impacted the whole Penn State University. His silence caused more trouble because there was paper trail done to cover everybody that was involved in the incident. If I would have had the same position that McQueary did I would have not stayed quit and turned my face the other way. Molestation is a big issue and it should not be taken lightly. If I would have seen what McQueary saw I would have immediately contacted the authorities and would not have cared if my job would have been in danger because I would have known that I was protecting an innocent boy’s life.

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Making sure that someone else is safe would have been my priority. I think that McQueary knew that if he spoke about the incident no one would have believed him and that probably made him not talk or also the thought of dealing with a very high profile university would have also discouraged him from talking. My moral reasoning impacted my decision because first of all I know that it is wrong to touch or molest someone.

I thought about my family and how I would react if someone did that to one of my family member. I would want someone to speak out immediately and not keep it quiet for such a long time. My moral reasoning is to never keep something that serious covered up it will eventually come to light so it is better to speak immediately than to have to speak about it later. Something like this is very serious and it can damage a lot of people if the truth is not told immediately.