“Miley planet; Venus is. To explain further,

“Miley Kurtz?”, my science teacher calls out as he takes attendance. “Is Miss Kurtz present?”, he asks again. “Here!”, I exclaim as I slide into a seat in the back row of the classroom. “Very well”, Mr.Martean says as he calls out another students’ name. Great. I was late. Again. It was Friday morning and I had been tardy to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday had been the only day this week that I arrived to class on time. As Mr.Martean wrapped up attendance, I heard someone whisper my name. It was Daisy, my best friend. She had beautiful blue eyes with blonde hair. “Miley!” she hissed, “late again?”. I smile at her sarcastically and say “for sure.” I was going to tell her about what happened in the morning, but that’s when I heard a strange word come out of Mr.Martean’s mouth. The word was “Earth”. Yes. Earth, just like the planet. As he said this, I sucked in my breath and waited for what he was going to say next.      At this moment, you all are probably wondering why I am going crazy over the simple word, “Earth”. Let me tell you the reason behind this word. Earth isn’t my home planet; Venus is. To explain further, I will first give you some background information. About 75 years ago, a group of people (22,100 humans to be exact) got angry at earthlings for the way they were controlling the Earth and how they were banishing all the things that had to do with outer space. The earthlings had given up on astronauts, rocket ships and the worst one of them all, planets. About half of those 22,100 people were scientists or astronomers, so they started doing some research on all the planets. To their surprise, the only one other planet besides Earth that was capable of supporting human life was Venus. I was born on Venus and I’ve spent my whole life (seventeen years) on this planet. But living on Venus doesn’t have all perks, well, at least not for me.      You see, I was alright till I was 10 years old, but I still had problems. I was diagnosed with dyslexia, a condition that makes it hard for you to read, so all the letters just get mixed up. The two people that helped me get through those tough times I had due to my condition were my mom and Daisy. Then, the worst thing in my life happened. My mom left me. She went back to Earth and Iw as left with my distant father, who had never really paid much attention to me. Then he seemed as cold as ever when my mom ran away. From then on, I felt like an outcast and a shadow. In high school, I took an opportunity to turn myself into the type of girl who is a rebel, the one who everyone wishes they were like. Daisy did not approve of this; she was the type of girl who read for fun. However, she was my best friend and she helped me get through the pain. Believe it or not, there is something I want and it’s not my mom coming back. Its-“Miss Kurtz? Did you hear me?”. “What?” , I say confused. “Oh, God”, I think to myself.  Mr.Marteans’ caught me with my head in the cloud again. “Can you please repeat the question?” I ask him sweetly. He doesn’t buy it. He shakes his head as the bell rings and hands me a piece of paper. He says, “Let me know if you’re entering”, then walks back to his desk. I get up and glance at the paper and suddenly I widen my eyes.       I couldn’t believe what I was holding in my hands. My ticket out of Venus was on that poster! Not literally of course, but I could win it. The poster reads:FLY TO EARTH!Could you be the one?Come enter the National Venus Space Programs (NVSP) “Finding Earth” Contest!The rules can be found on the opposite side of this poster.       I knew it. I had to enter this contest. I had to win this contest. It would be my only chance and choice for me to get out of here. YES. That’s the one and the only thing I want. I want to leave Venus and travel to Earth. I wish to live on Earth and escape my useless life and start a fresh one. But, Daisy. If I win, I’d have to leave her. She’s the only person that has made my life better. Then I snap back to reality just as Daisy starts talking to me.        Daisy waves the poster around and starts saying frantically, “Miley! Don’t tell me you’re thinking about winning!”. “Daisy”, I say calmly as I try to calm her down. “What are the odds that I would win?” , I raised my eyebrows as I say that last part. Daisy groans and I smile innocently. “I know that look!”, Daisy scolds. “You want to win, don’t you?” she asks me. “Badly”, I say, then smirk. Daisy rolls her eyes and laughs, then gets a sad look in her eyes.  “Hey, it’s going to be fine”, I comfort her. “I know”, she says. “But, what if you win? What about us?” That’s the exact question I was fearing.     “What is going to become of us? What about our friendship?” I ask myself. I knew what I had to do. It was the right choice. I couldn’t just leave Daisy. She was my best friend and was like a sister to me. If I left for Earth, would I ever see her again? Chances are I wouldn’t. So I made my decision. I was going to stay on Venus.      “I’m going to stay on Venus”, I told Daisy. “But remember, I’m doing all this for you”, I said with a huge smile. Daisy returned her smile and beamed. She leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, “But don’t worry Miley, because one day, both of us will go to Earth.”  “One day”, she promised. “One day”, I thought as I squeezed her hand as a reassurance. We hugged and started making plans about how to get to Earth.     I had always been interested in the fields of science, so the plan was for me to become a top-notch scientist and for me to get us permission to fly to Earth. When we get there, we would study earthling life and report it back to Venus. It seemed like the perfect plan. And the best part was that it was all coming true!