Mgt 505 Week 1 Quest 1 Essay

Analyze Richardson’s message from multiple perspectives, focusing on word choice and content. How could this message be interpreted? In your analysis, include the criteria for media richness, a discussion of multiple clues, message tailoring, and emotional context. Whether we are the owner of a business or just an employee, business communication goes far beyond the work walls and the work day. “Networking” happens 24 hours a day via several lines of communication (face-to-face, phone, email,). Communication must be effective in today’s business society.

The text states the receiver has to decode the message and give it meaning (Stuart, B. E. , Sarow, M. S. , Stuart, L, 2007, p. 16). From my perspective, I would interpret “Let’s meet for lunch. I will call you soon” as an open invitation to get to know me better personally because our conversation was animated and friendly. However; that could also be Richardson way of saying “Let’s meet to discuss not only our personal matters but also future business ventures. After all, we get along so well and we can benefit each other”. I would walk away with the sincerity that the future lunch date would soon happen.

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Media richness was indicated as the conversation was face-to-face using animated body language and facial expressions (friendly). Create a response (to be delivered after the meeting) that communicates your interest and will increase the opportunity for meeting Fran again. Mrs. Richardson, it was a pleasure speaking with you this afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation prior to the start of the town council meeting. It would be a pleasure to continue our conversation. As a concerned town member, I have several ideas that can help make our quality of life better with new highway designs.

May I have you business card? What date and time are you available for lunch? Again thanks, and I am looking forward to our lunch date. Evaluate your response in terms of media richness. The response contains “media richness” because it will be delivered face-to-face, it is tailored to meet the need of the receiver and personal emotions (both verbal and non verbal) is demonstrated during delivery. Stuart, B. E. , Sarow, M. S. , and L. Stuart. (2007). Integrated Business Communication in a global marketplace. Hoboken, N. J. John Wiley& Sons