Mermaids: Human and Aquatic Humanoids Essay

Aquatic Humanoids For generations, the human race has been fascinated with aquatic humanoids, a more common term being mermaids. Our ancestors have written literature, drawn pictures and sculpted statues of half-human, half-fish women. Personally, I believe these sea creatures could be non-fiction due to the fact that the world has explored less than five percent of our oceans; one cannot simply determine a specimen does not exist without proof and vice versa. Scientists are still finding new sea creature species.

For example, some recent discoveries are the golden copepod and the neocyema. As homo sapiens, our bodies are not built to survive under water, therefore making it extremely difficult to investigate the earth’s oceans and seas. As air-breathers, we are exceedingly uneducated when it comes to who or what lives under the sea. The common person believes that the mermaid or aquatic humanoid is a mythical creature imagined and made up for story books and fairy tales.

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There are plenty of odd creatures we have discovered in the oceans, so why do people think so ridiculously of seamen believing they’ve seen a mermaid? Stranger things have happened; stranger creatures have been spotted and recognized as a new species, like the blobfish, loch ness monster, and the axolotl, yet the half-human, half-fish specimen are still believed to be mythical and are refused to be accepted into society as real. Society continues to believe that there is no chance in the creatures being real.

But not only are they recognized by early Australians as “yawkyawks”, but also by people of the Stone Age. The Stone Age people drew them on walls, the same way they recorded what we believe is their history. No “real evidence” has been found indicating the existence of aquatic humanoids, but during the whale beachings of South Africa, SONAR equipment recorded an unusual noise heard before in a SONAR recording in the previous whale beaching.

In South Africa, scientists were shown remains of an “unknown creature” found inside a great white shark… the scientist were convinced it was indeed a mermaid, but the government confiscated the remains and no further research was done by the team sent to the beaching. Therefore, with the information that I have gathered from my research, I have determined that no human being has the evidence needed to justify that mermaids do not exist because more than 95% of the earth’s oceans have been untouched by human hands.