Me Talk Pretty Oneday Essay

Me Talk Pretty One Day The world is immense. It constantly offers us to learn new things. Learning new things is good for you. There is nothing more exciting than going to new places in the world, on your own, only with the belief of learning cultures and foreign languages. Of cause it can be a little frightening to start with, and there might be some minor “speed bumps”. But once you get a hold of it, it often sharpens one’s taste for more. That is the true case of Me Talk Pretty One Day.

The essay Me Talk Pretty One Day is written by David Sedaris. Sedaris relates about his experience with learning foreign languages. In this case his experience with learning French. His intention with this essay is to carry on his narrative to help others in the same situation as he was in, when he was in a foreign country. Sedaris’ essay appeals to people all over the world, people with the intention of learning foreign languages. This essay is a proof of no matter how bad things look, success might come.

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Sedaris’ has a very good attitude to learning foreign languages. “At the age of forty-one, I am returning to school (…) I’ve moved to Paris with hopes of learning the language. ” (page 6, lines 1- 6) These lines tell us that Sedaris has a certain lust for learning the French language. Otherwise he would not move to Paris at the age of forty-one. “(…), everyone spoke in what sounded to me like excellent French. Some accents were better than others, but the students exhibited an ease and confidence I found intimidating. (page 6, lines 10-12) This quote shows that even though Sedaris has the lust for learning French; he is a little intimidated by the other students in his class. He feels that their French accents are way better than his. “As an added discomfort, they were all young, attractive, and well dressed, causing me to feel not unlike Pa Kettle trapped backstage after a fashion show. ” (page 6, lines 12-14) This quote emphasizes the fact that Sedaris feels untimely and out of place. He starts to lose confidence.

The teacher in his class is a tough and very severe woman who, on the first day of school, starts of with picking every student apart. “When called upon, I delivered an effortless list of things that I detest (…) It was a short list, but still I managed to mispronounce IBM and assign the wrong gender to both the floor waxer and the typewriter. The teacher’s reaction led me to believe that these mistakes were capital crimes in the country of France. ” (page 7, lines 65-70) Sedaris is not pleased with the first impression he gets with his teacher.

And is shocked by her reaction, at first. “I absorbed as much of her abuse as I could understand, thinking – but not saying – that I find it ridiculous to assign a gender to an inanimate object incapable of disrobing and making a occasional fool of itself. ” (page 7, lines 73 -75) When reading this quote one could get the assessment that Sedaris’ attitude to learning foreign languages has changed a bit. When using a sentence like “I find it ridiculous to assign (…)” Sedaris shows that the French grammar is not pleasing him at all, and his tone of writing has definitely made a change.

This is where he starts to doubt that his decision of moving to France was the right thing. Everyday the teacher makes the student’s lives difficult. “We didn’t know it then, the coming months would teach us what it was like to spend time in the presence of a wild animal, something completely unpredictable. ” (Page 7, lines 80-83) In this quote Sedaris compares his teacher with a wild and unpredictable animal. It seems that the students live in fear, not knowing what will happen to them next. (…) We soon learned to dodge chalk and protect our heads and stomachs whenever she approached us with a question. Se hadn’t yet punched anyone, but I seemed wise to protect ourselves against the inevitable. ” (page 7, lines 83-85) Even though Sedaris finds the situation very bad, he makes a little fun of it all in this quote, which makes the tone a little more atmospheric. When reading Sedaris’ essay one gets the assessment that his attitude to learning foreign languages is slowly changing, mostly because of his severe teacher who treats the students ruthlessly. Over time it became impossible to believe that any of us would ever improve. ” (page 8, lines 117) This quote tells us that Sedaris is losing all hope of learning French. But during a telling-of by his teacher, Sedaris realizes that he understands every word she speaks. “And it struck me that, for the first time since arriving in France, I could understand every word that someone was saying (…) It’s a small step, nothing more yet its rewards are intoxicating ad deceptive. ” (page 8, lines 120 – 123) When reading this quote one gets the mpression that Sedaris has recovered his lost hope. It is simply intoxicating to him. He could not be more pleased. “The world opened up, and it was with great joy that I responded, “I know the thing that you speak exact now. Talk me more, you, plus, please, plus. ” (page 8, lines 127-128) As Sedaris says: “The world opened up”. This cannot mean anything else than happiness. His lust for learning has returned to him, and it might not have felt this strong before. He wants more and his confidence has never been this high.