Maya so she took the time out

Maya Angelou’s essay focus on Mrs. Bertha Flowers who was educating a young black girl to communicate verbally. Mrs. Bertha Flowers was well-respected in her community; people look up to Mrs. Flowers due to the fact, she was a white lady in black skin. A white lady during those times set on a very high petal stool and Mrs. Flowers was like a white lady. Which means Mrs. Bertha was educated like the white woman. Marguerite admired this lady especially for the way she spoke.  The lady knew Marguerite admired her, so she took the time out to give Marguerite advice about her voice and how important is was to speak up. Mrs. Flower told Marguerite that words are very important as humans and speaking is what makes us unique from other things. In the essay, Sister Flowers, Marguerite is mentored by Bertha Flowers to used her voice despite of her obstacles.  The essay, Sister Flowers, was written in a narrative style due to the fact Maya Angelou takes her life experience and tells a story about what she went through.  In my own essay, using a narrative pattern could help me persuade the audience to change something.  Maya Angelou uses her young self to explain to her readers how she became the person she is today; it shows how Maya needed work on herself just like everyone else. The narrative style of this essay persuades the reader to be motivated to overcome any obstacle in life. Maya Angelou creates an image on the past and how the past made the future possible. I believe using this narrative style to establish her audience helped her structure her essay well without going off topic. In Sister Flowers, Maya Angelou states, “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with the shades of deeper meaning”(as quoted in Angelou, para 10). Mrs. Flowers explained to Marguerite that reading is not all that she has to do she needs to speak as well. Maya tells how Mrs. Flowers wanted Marguerite to read a book aloud so she could practice speaking.  In my own essay, I could use the narrative written pattern to explain my point of view as Maya Angelou did in her essay.