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 May 29, 1851, a women named Isabella, formally known as Sojourner Truth                       extemporaneously gave her most famous speech, “Ain’t I a Women” at a women’s convention in Akron, Ohio. Truth, being born a slave and escaping to her freedom, was both a women’s rights activist and crusader. During a time period of a  male-dominated society, Truth needed to achieve awareness for the inequalities of women and African Americans throughout the period of time. Regarding her experiences and tribulations as not solely a lady therein day’s society however as a Negro. She used her personal experiences and biblical references to attach together with her audience and provoke them each on an emotional and private level. By sharing personal experiences, utilizing repetitive language, and creating biblical references, women’s liberationist connects showing emotion together with her audience to effectively invoke a way of power to beat race and gender difference.       Sojourner establishes a way of identity as a victim of discrimination by describing however she faces prejudices as a Black person associate degreed as a women so as to incite an emotional response in her audience. Through these personal anecdotes, resident invitations her audience, World Health Organization square measure principally woman littered with their own styles of discrimination, to appreciate the injustices of that they too square measure victims. She points out someone in the crowd, asserting that he says “women have to be compelled to be helped into carriages, and raised over ditches, and have the most effective place everyplace.” directly following this description of however a white man represented the thanks to treat woman, she follows with a private rebuttal. She brusquely exclaims that nobody performs these courtesies for her, and he or she emphasizes this time by repetition every of the actions: “Nobody ever helps American state into carriages, or over mud-puddles, or provides American state the most effective place!” By juxtaposing this ideal manner of however a person says woman ought to be treated with chivalry with the fact that she has ne’er skilled any of this civility, resident is stating the presence of a fierce hypocrisy.