Materialism the soul exists but some materialists

also known as monism is when the soul and body are part of the same physical
object. Materialists often don’t believe in life after death as they don’t
believe that the soul exists but some materialists believe in resurrection
which is a form of life after death, materialists often argue against the
existence of God as they sometimes have scientific views or scientific

dualism is the belief that the soul and body are separate entities. Dualism
supports the theory of life after death but there are different forms of
dualism like relative and substance dualism (Descartes is a believer of
substance dualism). Dualism suggests the soul moves on after the human body dies,
some dualist theories believe the soul passes on to a different world only
visible by God.

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An example
of a materialist theorist is Richard Dawkins. Dawkins theory is called the
selfish gene theory, this theory states that life after death occurs by the
passing of one’s genes to his/her offspring through reproduction. So as
generations of a family are born the person continues to exist through their
children and relatives. This theory is based on scientific research and facts.
It is a materialistic theory as humans will always continue to exist through
their offspring or a physical object. Dawkins himself is an atheist so he
wouldn’t necessarily believe in a soul anyway.

However the
selfish gene theory has its criticisms the main one if that humans (eventually)
will cease to exist and every human will die in the future, therefore your
genetic material will die out. In China they had a one baby rule for many
parents so  lot of people have no
siblings or relatives (just maternal and paternal) so if a person Is infertile
they will be unable to have children and because they have no relatives their
family line will die with them. Finally Dawkins is often criticised himself for
being too critical on religion, with him being an atheist he often rules out
the idea of  God and other things that
could have an effect on what happens after we die.

materialist is John Hick who came up with the replica theory; Hick rejects
dualism and puts forward a belief in bodily resurrection. Hick believes that
people do have a soul but human beings are psychosomatic also, resurrection is
a divine action where an exact replica of ourselves appears somewhere else in
the world. Furthermore, Hick believes resurrection happens immediately after
death and that resurrected people appear on a different world that is overseen
and controlled by God himself.

theory faces a lot of opposition one of the main criticism is that if you can
make one replica, why not make hundreds? There is no evidence to support the
theory even though the theory is based on the bible, which means criticising the
replica theory means criticising the bible. Hick even admits his theory has its
weakness as he has criticised it himself, Hick states that if you die old then
you are resurrected old, so if you die from a terminal disease then you are
resurrected with this disease.