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LA VOZ (The Voice) Kyle Clemons Jr. MKT 215- APPLIED MARKETING Mr. Walas 3. 5. 2012 Table of Contents * Title PagePage 1 * Table of ContentsPage 2 * Executive Summary Page 3-4 * Situational Analysis Pages 4-6 * Marketing Planning Pages 6-12 * Summary Pages 12-13 * AppendixPage 13 * ReferencesPage 14 Executive Summary While working with Samsung, we have created a device called La Voz (The Voice). What it does is something that people could really use in this busy growing fast technology world we’re living in. It is latest Smartphone that Samsung has released to the world to use.

It is a phone that is hand-free, voice activated for answering calls, text messages, and your hands will never be use to dial or text only when carrying. I feel this phone would be a lifesaver for those heavy phone users. La Voz marketing strategy is to highlight the value and worth that such a product will bring to our target market. Our target market consists of heavy texters while driving/ talking on the phone, lazy people who at time don’t feel like holding the phone, business people, baby boomers, and generation y. We have determined that these types of people have the tendency of talking and texting on the phone while driving.

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La Voz will greatly benefit this market by offering a simple device to use. Drivers would be able to concentrate on the road rather than trying to pick up a phone after it has been dropped causing accidents; same goes for texting and talking on the phone with the La Voz; both hands will be on the steering wheel while the vehicle is in motion. We are offering a top of the line modern piece of technology that will satisfy a widespread need. We have the opportunity to release this product to the public right before the start of summer.

Advertising techniques such as radio advertisements, commercials, and print advertisements will be incorporated with our promotion strategy. This device will sell for $250. 00 and can be purchased by using cash, check, or credit card through Sprint or on the Samsung website. Additionally, the phone, the name, and contents of this product are so clever that it will attract customers even more. Based on the size of our market, our sales forecast for the first year will amount to $300 Million. We have collaborated with Samsung to put together an operating line of 4,000 employees in the United States.

Our company will expand as our product prospers. We plan on being successful based off what our product can do and how everybody would want it just because they feel they would be the first to have it out of their friends. We feel that drivers would find our product helpful for them on the road based off it being hands free and voice recognition. We feel that our product will reduce accidents and tickets based off seeing a lot of members from the target audience using phones while driving and adults tend not to stay in their lane when being occupied. Our product would cause buyers to be more focused on surroundings then what’s on the phone.

Situation Analysis Marketing Firm We are privileged to be working with one of the oldest and largest manufacturers on the planet, Samsung. Who has been in business for over 70 years, Samsung has dedicated to making the world better through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscrapers, and etc. They lead the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. SWOT Analysis of La Voz Strengths: * New, modern technology * Broad target audience * Satisfies a very widespread need * Less accidents * Young, intelligent staff * Lends itself to multiple forms of advertising Text and driving rate decline * Go Green * Voice activated Weaknesses: * New product concept * No true comparisons * Large expense to get the product “off the ground” Opportunities: * Worldwide expansion * Infomercials * Increase jobs * Affordable price * Being the first of this kind of product * Brand loyalty Threats: * Changing technology * Idea being stolen * Being the first of this kind of product * Will it be a hit? Samsung major competitors are Apple, HTC, and Verizon. Strengths and weaknesses of competition: Apple is a very successful company, popular brand name, pressure to increase price on certain products, broke up with IBM.

HTC is the leading maker in PDAs smartphones, recognized brand name, customer satisfaction, Smartphone portfolio very strong, brand name not very recognized, and a small range in cellphones. Verizon is known as the largest wireless providers, extremely large employee base, was form to due to the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic, employees are aged, lacks target audience, and various cultures within the company. Apple products are the iPhone, MacBooks, iPods, and the latest iPad. HTC products are the Rhyme, Sensation, Explorer, and the One. Verizon products are internet services, cellphones, and cable services for TV.

Samsung can turn competition weaknesses into opportunities such as making La Voz an affordable phone to where we won’t have to increase the price down the road, establish an successful relationship with Sprint to continue to sell La Voz in their stores nationwide, we can make sure that are brand name is highly recognized through our promotional methods of choice, we can have a large range of cellphones other than just La Voz, and only hire young employees and let the aged workers run their own company with the company. Situation Analysis * Environmental Analysis Economic: Based off the target audience, some of them may not be employed and might not be able to afford La Voz. So we would have to develop less inexpensive products for those who may not be able to afford the original price. -Socio-cultural: Includes general cultural and social traditions, norms, and attitudes with their values slowly changing, this will give Samsung to try and develop new products maybe customizing a phone to the consumer liking such as addling more gigabytes or installing something extra to the phone. -Political: includes the attitudes and reactions of the general public, social and business critics.

We would have to make our products safe, and use recyclable resources, and use ethical sales procedures to maintain brand image and consumer loyalty rather than making products that are unsafe and waste resources pretty much will be making a GO GREEN phone. -Legal: includes a host of federal, state, and local legislation directed at protecting both business competition and consumer rights. We would have to obey the rules of running a business such as making sure our phone is efficient and that this product can create jobs for those that are in need of work. Cooperative: includes all firms and individuals who have a vested interest in the firm’s accomplishing its objectives. Primary interest for Samsung would be suppliers, resellers, wholesalers, and employees which would increase efficiency for us. We would use the teamwork from all primary to continue to create new ideas for future products to constantly hit the market to continue to be successful. . Marketing Planning Target Market Our target market is first and foremost looking to bring ease and security to their lives.

The ease with which La Voz is used is essential to appeal to a target market that may be busy, no since of urgency, clumsy, or simply unlucky. The digital screen is easy to view and use for people of all ages and education levels, and the overall concept couldn’t be simpler. The customers will be buying the benefit of ease from our simple phone and easy to use voice method that is already installed. They will also enjoy an easy to read and easy to operate audio- digital screen, that can be used for audio assistance and if required, audio assistance for the hard of texting while driving or hard of being on the phone while driving.

Our target market is based in America with aspirations to expand globally in the next 5-10 years. It spans anyone who would like to have an easy, efficient way to use a phone while driving or occupied doing things around the house with no time to hold the phone. We will be targeting the generation y and adults. The reason generation y is because at the age of 16, you are able to drive. Generation y is at a high risk of getting into accidents from texting and talking on the phone and being to busy to pay attention to what is in front of them.

Adults tend to not know how to drive either rather they driving to slow or driving in two lanes from being on the phone talking. With La Voz, both generation y and adults would have the freedom of not holding the phone in the hand and can have both hands on the steering wheel and become more focused on the road. Demographics goes as follows ages 16 and up, income between; 200-600; monthly annually, for both sexes, occupation would be a full-time. Geographic would be anybody living in the United States that fits the requirement age to be able to drive.

Experiencers and believers would love this invention. Behaviors- The product is for those that are no sense of urgency, clumsy, high-risk driving environments, lifestyle- fast-paced, tech-savvy, simple-based, and middle class. The benefits are that La Voz is easy to use and stress free. Buying influences are that it is helpful, saves you a ticket or keeps you more focused. Marketing Objectives -Sales: first year sales forecast will hope to hit the $300 million dollar mark and La Voz initial price is $250 being that it is a Smartphone. Awareness- that if you are an avid texter or phone talker, that if you purchase La Voz, it will help you to be more focused as to what is in front of you while driving. -Market share: Samsung La Voz would be 300% of global growth and 28% of the market. Marketing Mix * –Product Features | Advantages | Benefits | Voice Recognition | Dropping phone while driving | Less accidents| 5. 0 Megapixel Camera| Better quality pictures| High quality (realistic)| Navigation| Finding and inputting in locations | Never lost| Supercharge Battery| Longer lasting| Less charging| Brand name: The name of the Smartphone in English is The Voice, so we decided to make it unique by translating it in Spanish; La Voz. Samsung La Voz, we felt that it made our product more unique because the customer would get the privilege of telling their pupils about what they just purchased. -Packaging: comes in a nice securable box with micro-foam peanuts on the bottom and on top of the phone with a house charger and car charger. The box and micro-foam peanuts would protect the phone during shipping to the seller upon selling to a customer. Competitive Advantages: being low cost and differentiated over competitors.

Promotion * Advertising -Message: We will like to let our customers know that safety and your life is important to us and that our product will resolve issues of texting while driving and being able to sense things around them compared to being more focus on the phone. -Media: Radio- targeting towards the stations that our target market listens to such as 107. 5, 95. 5, 98. 7, and 97. 9. Commercials- informing potential customers of Samsung new product showing a demonstration of how it works. Printing- making fliers, daily Sprint mail that will send to customers about phones that are soon to be coming to the market. Promotions -Trade: Samsung would have to convince our retailer (Sprint) to carry our new product. Samsung would reduce inventory and increase Sprint. Continue to support our advertising strategies of using radio, commercials, and print and offer promotions to consumers and free demonstrations upon purchase. -Consumer: Potential and past consumers will be enter into a drawing for a chance to win a La Voz. We will also use store displays for when customers come into Sprint they are able to view the new phone and ask questions if needed. As a gift when consumers purchase our La Voz; they will receive a free accessory of choice. Personal Selling: We will train Sprint employees with the right information and how to demonstrate how La Voz works before store hours. We want to let the Sprint employees test the phone first before trying it out on customers. Being that Sprint will be selling La Voz; we want the employees to eat, sleep, with knowledge of La Voz. * Public Relations: Samsung will hold conference once a month on the new product for future questions on La Voz, are there problem with the new technologies, this will be for employees and customers to give testimonials about their experience with La Voz.

Making suggestions to improve potential products and La Voz. * Direct Marketing: Have the automatic service that Sprint uses when doing surveys dealing with experiences to call Sprint customers to ask if they will interested in a new phone that Samsung has to offer them being able to customize communication for talking to teens to adults ensuring a potential sale. * Price -Pricing Strategy: The strategy that will use is the penetration strategy of selling La Voz at a low price of $250. 00, causing competition to contend with us.

Gain a mass market by using this policy and also gives a leeway of increasing or decreasing price to keep up with the economy.. It is a top of the line product that is also being sold with a life-time warranty. This will ensure the credibility of our product. We want to make this product affordable for our target market Consumers can use cash, credit card, and check to pay for La Voz. -Strategy support: providing a toll-free number for customers call us directly 1-800-Call-Sprint with questions or concerns that they might have regarding prices and usage of La Voz. * Distribution Intensity: Our product is a specialty product based off what is capability of being voice active and recognition of the customer voice. It activates when someone calls or texts you. It informs you who is calling/texting and would like to answer right now and it will let the caller now on the spot. -Channel/Channels Utilized: We will use facilitating where customers will receive credit for using Sprint. Our employees will test/ inspect La Voz before issuing to potential and past customers. Also, we will provide all parties will information about our competitors and the new trends.

Manufacturer-Retailers-Consumers will be the channel. Under selective distribution the facilitating agent has the responsibilities of financing, grading, and providing marketing information and research for customers and retailers. * Marketing Research -Needs: A focus group consisting of four members includes two males and two females that where the two males would focus on consumers who has the regular smart compared to the females using La Voz while driving for both usage; comparing and contrasting results from both parties. Estimated cost: No cost will be needed because we will ask of our retailer to hire members to this for us creating more jobs. Implementation/ Control * Contingency Plans * Over performance: If our first year goal is met of $300 million. Actions that will have to take is expand year two goal to top first years or we could offer a new product or improved the product that was already in the market and then re-target the market. * Underperformance: If our first year goal is not met. Actions that will take is to revise our advertising strategies maybe trying new advertising strategies or improving the ones that were already used.

Summary La Voz is being made by Samsung and sold in Sprint stores in the United States. La Voz in English means The Voice. La Voz is a voice activated/recognition Smartphone that is targeted towards generation y and adults. Generation y texting while driving is more common for us to do and adults talking on the phone not being able to stay in a lane. With the La Voz, when an incoming call is coming the phone would state the name or number and asks you would like to answer and same applies for texting.

You get to tell the phone what you would want to reply by text or call. Samsung will use radio, commercials, and print as advertising techniques to get La Voz wanted by potential customers. Our first year sales will be $300 million and phone is will cost $250 dollars using the penetration policy as a testing pricing on the market. Appendix -Sales Forecast * Assumptions Utilized: Yes * Sales Units: 10,000 phones *$250 dollars for phone= 2,500,000 year sales remaining Dollars: $250 a phone -Total Marketing Costs Advertising:$ 222,500 * Promotion:$222,500 * Personal Selling:$25,000 * Direct Marketing:$30,000 Totals to be $300 million once you add everything up from sales and marketing co * References Adam. (2010, July 04). HTC SWOT Analysis. Retrieved from Free SWOT Analysis: http://www. freeswotanalysis. com/telecommunication-companies-swot-analysis/57-htc-corporation-swot-analysis. html Adam. (2010, July 02). Verizon Communicatio SWOT Analysis. Retrieved from Free Swot Analysis: