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Many climate scientists agree that the main cause
of global warming is human expansion of the
“greenhouse effect”, and certain gases in
the atmosphere block heat from escaping. Gases that contribute to the
greenhouse effect are, for example, the well-known
carbon dioxide (CO2), methane or water vapor. The “greenhouse
effect” is the cycle by which these named gases become trapped in the
atmosphere and heat the planet.1 Carbon
dioxide is colorless. We produce it just by
breathing.2 That
means, that human activities are changing the natural greenhouse. Since the
industrial revolution, the production of carbon dioxide and also other greenhouse gases have
been enormously high. Carbon dioxide is produced
primarily through the burning of fossil fuel, e. g. oil, natural gas, coal,
solid waste, wood and trees products. The consequences are hard to predict,
but certain effects seem likely for example that the earth will become warmer, the
sea level will rise, regions will vary, some regions are getting dryer and
others wetter.3 Nowadays, climate
change is a scientific fact and, more
than 97 % of climate scientists agree that changes to the global climate in the
last century have been caused by anthropogenic activity.4 This
essay will focus on the main factors that are responsible for high carbon
dioxide emissions and what measures are taken to reduce those.

Over the last 150 years the burning of fossil fuels
like oil and

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