Many for several times, but only few

Many of
us heard the word “suicide” for
several times, but only few persons truly understand and aware about it. What
really suicide is? For existentialists, suicide is an extreme form of existential
angst where a person rejects his/her freedom brought by the act of being
responsible for his/her actions and gives in to the inherent meaninglessness of
the world. Suicide is an alarming case that is continuously increasing in the
Philippines. Whereas, according to World Health Organization, suicide is the
second leading cause of death among 15 to 29 year old, and almost around
800,000 people everyday die due of this. In fact, nowadays, many Filipinos died
because of suicide. One of this was, Madonna Guanzon, a lesbian, one of the
Filipinos who committed suicide, she climbed in the railing of Mega Mall and
jumped to it, because of seeing her partner so sweet with other suitor after
their separation. Another Filipino who died because of suicide is Daveson
Beron, a mechanical engineering student of Batangas State University, shot
himself because of failing to graduate due of his failed grades. Further to
this was, Maria Teresa Carlson, who was famous on her laugh line “Si ikaw, Si
Ako”, committed suicide because of marriage struggle from her politician husband
named Rodolfo Castro Farinas. Though, they all have different reasons why they
commit suicide but all of them ended their life through suicide.

            There are three theories of
existentialists (major contributor) that explained why an individual commit.
The first contributor was Victor Frankl who was known for his theory “The Search for Meaning”. The central
feature of his theory had its emphasis on spiritual meaning. Frankl (1962)
stated that the prime motive of human behavior is not the will-to-pleasure or
the will-to-power, but rather the will to meaning. For Frankl, the struggle of
human beings to find some reason for their troubled, complicated, and finite
existence can be the reason of committing suicide. For Frankl, people can only
discover such meaning by experiencing values through work, love of other
persons, and confrontation with their own suffering. Frankl views this process
of pursuing values as a moral duty:
where each individual is questioned by life and he/she can only respond by
being responsible.  In contrast, the
second contributor was Rollo May his theory was “The Ontological Context”. May (1961), indicated that what makes a
human being human are the elements that are uniquely human, above all, self
consciousness. For May, the inability to establish foundation for ones’
existence is a possible reason of committing suicide; people for him, people
need to preserve a center in his or her life because failure to do it can also
lead to suicidal thoughts. On the other hand, the third contributor was by R.D.
Laing, his theory was “The False and the
True Self”. Laing existential conceptualization of the modern mind as a
divided entity is the false self covering the true, which unexpressed inner
self. For Laing, people need to reached the being-in-the-world which is having
personal relationships, or our “inter experience”, but he believed people are
all deeply impaired for him; yet, we need to cut off from our true selves in
adulthood as our way of socialization, the incapacity to do this for him can
lead to committing suicide. Furthermore, Laing also blamed the imbalance
splitting on the falsity of modern social communication in having suicidal

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            Explaining the existential
perspective of committing suicide is to give an awareness and knowledge to the
people, for their better understanding about this and to those people who
committed it. Perhaps there are some individuals who are not that familiar to
existentialism. For some person to be familiar with this, existentialism is an
outgrowth of European existential philosophy had emphasis on the difficulty of
living authentically in the modern world of people. To sum it up all, suicide for
existentialists happens when a person rejects his/her freedom begotten by the
act of being responsible for his/her actions and gives in to the inherent
meaninglessness of the world. Aside from this, according to World Health
Organization, suicide is the second leading cause of death among Filipinos.
Some of the Filipinos who committed suicide are Madonna Guanzon, Daveson Beron,
and Maria Teresa Carlson. These people commit suicide due of their personal
problems. For existentialists, there are possible reasons of committing
suicide. The three contributors have different explanations. For Frankl, the
inability of a person to find the meaning or purpose of his/her life can lead
to suicide. While for May, the incapability of an individual to establish
foundation or center on his/her life can cause suicide. Lastly, for Laing, the
failure to reach the “inter experience” or having personal relationships can
result to suicide. These details are for people to understand the possible
reasons of committing suicide in existential perspective through three theories
which are “The Search for Meaning”, “The Ontological Context”, and “The False
and the True Self” and also for people to comfort other persons in future who
have suicidal thoughts through the awareness and knowledge that they have about