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Many events surrounding the heavyweight motorcycle industries could affect strategic decisions of any company in this sector like Polaris. In this case, it has been shown that market outside North America was growing considerably Hitt et al. (2017). Regarding External Environmental analysis, in many places in the world the population size, age structure and income distribution of many markets are different from the past. Also, the perceptions of customers are changing, and in the global segment, emerging economies create a new competitive landscape. These segments (demographic, sociocultural, global segment) lead company to strategically position Polaris to more overseas expansion and consider off-road bikes as well as on-road bikes as a diversification strategy along with considering the demand for crossroads, and cross-country touring model There are many emerging markets and technologies, which counted to seventy-seven different sellers. Within Polaris industry, several main competitors and rivals shape the dynamic of competition including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, Excelsior-Henderson, BMW, and BIG DOG (Hitt, Ireland, Hoskisson, 2017). Therefore, it should monitor and assess their attacks and responses to the market dynamics. For example, according to Hitt et al. (2017), Harley-Davidson targeted Asian markets to penetrate. Chinese companies Lifan, Shanghai Motorcycle are two big firms, which produced cheap street bike imitation and a very practical energy efficient small bike. Polaris should consider Chinese rivals more seriously. Many companies including BMW, Daimler, and Zero Motorcycle were starting developing electric bikes, too (Hitt, Ireland, Hoskisson, 2017). Considering energy consumption and renewable energy resources lead companies to produceenvironmentally friendly products (sustainable physical environment segment) and alternative energy-related products could be considered more seriously.It seems Polaris used an integrated cost leadership /differentiation strategy, this strategy has some risks including the threat of Polaris competitors (by producing a cheap imitation of its products), changing the perception of customers about the value of products and providing differentiation features with lower cost by competitors. So Polaris should make sure its marketing and distribution are whether effective or not. Due to Polaris’ goal for monitoring the quality, the firm limits sales of Victory motorcycle to Polaris dealerships; so, it needs to reconsider changing this decision to increase its market power by blocking competitors through multipoint competition and economies of scope. It should make sure to produce innovative products (technological segment) due to technological changes in the global sphere.