Manifest to spend on land which most

Manifest destiny/westward expansion There are many reasons people moved west it was for land and gold because of the gold rush but moving for gold was not the only reason it was also because of manifest destiny which was believed to be god’s will for us was to move west to explore but the move was stressful because of harsh environment some of the challenges were dysentery and law enforcement there was not to much law enforcement and there were gunslingers and deul at noon like in movies gunslingers were harsh if you stole there was a duel if you had an argument there was a duel and clothes they did not all have enough clothes so a lot of them wore the same clothes the whole time which was not sanitary which let to more sickness and weather storms people wanting to turn around the sickness killing most from colds or nausea and dysentery  lack food was hard you either hunted or traded for food and water there was only common sources like river or streams but those were not very common animals  dying like oxen that pulled wagons or horse or pets family dying people you loved knowing you’ll never ever see them again  feeling there life leave their body in your arms then either dying yourself or living the rest of your life without them but that was okay because you would have tons of money from mining gold land cost 1 dollar an acre that was a good deal but think after all the money spent on clothes ox spare wheels food and the river crossing and stuff they need on trip do you think they had a dollar to spend on land which most people resold because they were away from family or is to hard living rough farming and growing tobacco but it was still good compared to today because an acre today is around 3,000 dollars and trains delivered supplies and animals  all of this was because of manifest destiny which is god’s will for us to explore west and we did lewis and clark explore the mississippi river but it was all going down hill till they found sacagawea who helped them get home if not for her they would have died they had already eat their animals but them met her and her brother did not trust them so he followed them until they mysteriously ran into him with food and so they eat with him and they survived and we know the mississippi river because of their