Main principle of a Successful Website in Car Sale Business Essay

In the United States, cars are necessary things for every family especially people who are not live in the city. They need the cars for using their specific destinations such as buying groceries, commuting to works and schools, visiting to relatives because they have very limited transportations. According to a study by Experian Automotive, which specializes in collecting and analyzing automotive data, Americans own an average of 2. 28 vehicles per household, and more than 35 percent of households own three or more cars.

So, if they want to buy the cars where they are going to start? They have to go to the dealerships to buy the car. But, Jason Buckland said that “the car salesmen are least honest professionals on the earth”. Therefore, people should research the right information on the internet before they buy the cars. There are many car websites that provide the information about new or used cars. However, among all those websites, even if they provide the same services or sell the same cars, some of them are more attractive than others. For instance, the Autos. yahoo. com and the Autotrader. om are two similar websites; they both provide information about the new and used cars. Both websites are visited very often, but the web traffic volume of the Autos yahoo is two times larger than the Auto trader. So, what makes people choose between those two websites? Appearance, usability and navigation are three main principles in the intensity of any website. These principles make to impress about the company and figure what website people should use for buying the cars. Initially, appearances are very important as first impressions for all websites.

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Jefferson Hawkins said that “A well-designed website instantly communicates that you are big, stable and successful and that you care about quality”. The Autos yahoo has very simple, clean and bright main page. Designer posted big pictures of luxury cars with different animations, giving an impression of high standards. They also use black and white color mainly on the website. These all visual images make more attractive to the visitors. As an opposite example, the Auto trader has so complicated main page. Besides that, they have a lot of advertisements. These advertisements ake extremely unpleasant, messy, and confusing to the users when they are looking for the information. Then, they also use white color background and blue color text. On the contrary, the Autos yahoo has only one advertisement. And also they printed links and topics in black and white colors, which make for easy reading. By thinking all these facts, the Autos. yahoo. com gets more credit for their very attractive appearances and designs. Secondly, usability is one of the features of a good website. It is the most important for visitors because they can quickly find information whatever they need.

Most of the people are interested in price for new cars or used cars. The Autos yahoo posts the two big search boxes for new car and used car at the top of the main page. It is very easy and efficient to search the price of car. In addition, having a “Free Dealer Price Quote” section is a one necessary feature of a car website. The Autos yahoo has an “Auto Loan Rate” column which helps the users for searching information about loans. It only needs one click to get the answer one wants. In comparison, the Auto trader posts only one small search box on the left of the main page.

Next, the Auto trader doesn’t have a “Free Dealer Price Quote” section, but it only has a link of “Find the local dealer”. So, if the users want to know about the dealer price they can find at the Auto trader. The saddest part of the Auto trader is without having an “Auto Loan Rate” column. As a car selling website, that kind of feature should have to be convenience for their consumers. After contracting all these useful links, the point goes to the Autoa. yahoo. com. Finally, the main important for a good website is easy and quality navigation.

Charlotte, in her online article “10 Principles of Navigation Design and Why Quality Navigation Is So Critical”, from the website onextrapixel. com, writes: “Navigation works best when the reader hardly notices it’s there. Therefore navigation design should always be simple, direct, unadorned, with the overriding objective of helping reader get to where they want to go”. Another feature of the good websites’ navigation is simplicity. A very complicated or over-designed website can frighten away visitors. Both the Autos Yahoo and the Auto Trader have similar and effective navigation options.

But, the Auto Trader only has a general navigation bar to search the car and it only provides very less information. In addition, the Auto Trader posts the link about new car and used car. If someone wants to search about the information about the cars, that search will take lots of steps. As a first step, users must enter “new car” or “used car” to find the car, and the search will return nearly a hundred brand of cars. Next, they have to click the type of vehicles such convertible, SUV, sedan, coupe, etc. to find the specific type of vehicles.

After that, this search reaches to another page which is full a bunch of options again. Even worse, there are some advertisements that around the navigation bars are blocking them so badly. That is extremely inconvenient for the visitors. On the other hand, The Autos Yahoo has two easy and simple navigation bars to find the used car and new car and they provide the excellent information for visitors. The Autos yahoo use in bright color for navigation bars which give a clear vision for users. For instant, the Autos Yahoo uses pure white color background and black and blue color text.

And also, all groups of links are in close proximity and place in a logical order that helps the visitors to start researching without losing their time. Besides that, less advertising is more comfortable and easy to navigate for visitors. Therefore, the Autos Yahoo is more effective and impressive in terms if navigation than the Auto Trader. Contracting the websites of the Autos Yahoo and the Auto Trader shows that same businesses have similar websites, but there are always differences between popular and unpopular website are determined by their visual images, usability and ease navigation.

The Autos Yahoo makes a nice first impression; it has very attractive appearances and unique concept design, but the Auto trader looks so complicated with lots of advertisements, in first. Besides that, The Autos Yahoo links are well organized and place in order, and also it has clear, simple and quality navigation. Understanding these all criteria, the Autos Yahoo website is strongly recommended for all users, and they can help the users to find the right cars.