Mahaswetha relationships continues to be one of

Mahaswetha portrays women as
worse sufferers in society when compared with men. Atrocities inflicted on them
often force them into humiliation and subjection. They are mercilessly trampled
into submission and destruction. They are treated as “usable, abusable,
exploitable, expendable-but never human, not our people, not even our poor”
(Jaidev 1998). Even to this day the male chauvinistic and hegemonistic
tendencies rooted and shaped by economic structures and relations, whether
feudalistic or capitalistic, are manifest in the sexual offences committed
against women. Whatever be the region, the plight of woman remains the same.
Mahaswetha Devi instructs through her stories that woman can free from bondage
only through protest and by breaking free from traditional exploitative
attitudes. Freedom can be achieved through unrelenting strength.

Reuther (1975) ecofeminist

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“Women must see
that there can be no liberation for them and no solution to the ecological
crisis within a society whose fundamental model of relationships continues to
be one of the domination…” (204).

Hegemony is the innate quality
of people irrespective of gender. When one sees oneself superior to the other,
he or she tries to subjugate the other and treats them as subordinates. Devi
G.N( 2002) states ” in the present day context, tribal are simply the most
under previleged or under developed group in the country. Karen J. Warren in
her article “Toward an Ecofeminist Peace Politics” that the connections of
violence lie ultimately in patriarchy. She proposes various guidelines and
primarily aims at the development of anti-patriarchal philosophies and
practices. Warren writes, “…an ecofeminist peace politics quilt collectively
represents and records the stories of people of different ages, ethnicities,
affection orientations, race and gender identities, and class backgrounds
committed to nonviolence.”(Warren 186). The author vividly portrays the
incessant humiliation suffered by the indigent buno tribes at the hands of the
upper-caste people. It is Mato’s mother who is designated by the indigenous
buno tribes for her prudence in dealing with matters relating to work, wages
and time. She negotiates with the upper-caste people and gets better wages for
the work done by the tribes. It reflects her leadership acumen and her great
concern for the buno tribes.

Men who are often
megalomaniacs differ from environmentalists from the fact that they wish to be
powerful and dominate nature rather than loving it. But, the most potent truth
is that men cannot produce anything on their own. The only action men do is
enhancing the product gifted by nature to men. Men have become synonymous with
assault on Nature.