Madrasa the word madrasa is most famously

Madrasa is a word that is synonymous
in Muslim culture with various types of educational institutions. In a place
like Cairo, institutions that include preschool and high school have adopted
the word madrasa, and if we venture into places like South Asia, East Asia, or Central
Asia we can see the use of madrasa in labeling institutions for young children
receiving instruction on matter of faith, part-time or full-time (Moosa). A madrasa, in the
aspect of young children learning matters of faith, is closely related to the
concept of “Sunday-School” in Western civilization. Also, within these regions,
the word madrasa is most famously linked to institutions of higher Islamic
learning where the curriculum is compiled of Islamic law and theology typically
completed in 8 years, closely related to the model of a seminary. Ebrahim Moosa
elucidates this wide-range application of the word madrasa within the Muslim
culture, to better explain the misconception that Western civilization has in
regards to usage of the word madrasa and clarifies the type of madrasa in which
he attended and what the curriculum entailed. Moosa also explains the major
franchises of madrasas in South Asia and some of the major difficulties faced
within the very orthodox curriculum of these madrasas.

Asian madrasa networks are separated into major franchises: Deobandi, Barelwi,
and Nadwa. The Darul Uloom Deoband is considered the most prominent and prestigious
madrasa for Muslims affiliated with the Deobandi understanding of Sunni Islam.   

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