Living one out of every five (20.8%)

our lives in the 20th
century, social issues such as bullying is still a major problems
occurring in our society. Not all people experienced the situation of
being bullied, but the unfortunate one may not be able to forget this
kind of predicament. Statistics shows that more than one out of every
five (20.8%) students report being bullied (National Centre for
Educational Statistics, 2016). One might wonder, what are the factors
that cause bullying? Some of the reasons are due to problematic
family, taking revenge and jealousy towards victim.

of the factors that causes bullying is problematic family. “Children
who bully are more likely to come from family environments
characterised by less cohesion, expressiveness, organisation, control
and social orientation (Bowers, Smith, & Binney, 1994; Stevens,
Bourdeaudhuij, & Ost, 2002). The quote explains that a child who
are not getting the attention and love that they deserve are prone to
bullying others. Myriad of problems inside a household can be the
reason for bullying such as a busy parents or a divorce parents.
Parents who are busy at work never have the time to spend with their
children. Since they could not get the attention they want from their
parents, they seek it from the teachers, and even among the peers by
victimizing others. They might be thinking that they can attract
their parent’s attention towards them by throwing tantrums among
their peers. There is also a possibility of the child imitating their
parent’s violent actions which they observe in their own house. A
suitable example to be given is during family fights, between their
mother and father. The father could have hit the mother, causing
their own child to spectate and influencing the child to try it too
on others. In conclusion, a non-functioning family affects the child
mentally, causing them to vent it on others, by bullying.

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some people bully others as a way of taking revenge. Usually, the
bully are once a victim themselves, getting bullied by the others. By
holding onto the popular phrase, “the table have turned” they
victimize someone who looks physically weaker, and mentally shaky to
spout their anger. (Mark & Ratliffe, 2011). Apparently, no solid
reason is needed for the bully to pick on their victims, leaving the
clueless victims to ponder why they were chosen at the first place.
While there are people with physical strength, those who have a vast
knowledge in cyber world have their own ways of revenge. They do not
have to waste their energy walking around, instead they cause trouble
to their victims by hacking into their social media, using gadjet
like laptops, computers, or even smartphone. They spread false,
negative rumours which could affect the victim’s social life. (Hoff
& Mitchell, 2009). This type of bully is called cyber bullying,
which is widely used for those who do not have the courage to bully
others physically. In a nutshell, bullying happens both in physical
and in the cyber world, with feeling of revenge.

third cause of bullying is the feeling of jealousy towards the
victim. According to Meyer-Adams & Conner (2008) “some of the
things that make people different are generally neutral
characteristics, but some, like being smart, focused , or creative
often representing attributes that the bully wishes they shared with
their victims” . Hence, this so called “wishes” develop into
feeling of envy, resulting the victim to be bullied physically and
mentally. There
is also a probability of the bully sharing the characteristic for
which they are bullying on the victim such as knowledge or even
sports. By seeking to downgrade certain skills that is lacking in
their own victims, bullies try to create a more level playing field
for their own benefits. For instance, the victim was bullied due to
the bullies failure to compete in a fair and square way. As
conclusion, the bullies might be targeting the victims for any traits
that they do or do not possess, due to jealousy.

conclude, dysfunctional family, feeling of revenge and envious toward
victim are three reasons on why bullying occurs. It happens anywhere,
everywhere, without some of us realizing it. Proactive steps and
solutions should be taken by now to lessen the threat of this social
issue. And that is the reason why Mahatma Gandhi once said, “be the
change you want to see”.