Literature Review Essay

Literature review
Writing a literature review is an essential part of student’s academic career. Literature review writing is not easy as it requires certain skills and knowledge of some concrete piece of literature. For writing a successful literature review it is important to analyse at least one sample of it. The examination of the sample makes literature review creation easier. The sample shows the way your review should be written. That is why we decided to present our literature review sample. This page represents a free extract from literature review sample created by one of writers. This review sample shows the main strategies and techniques necessary for writing essays in literature classes. In any case you are using some part of this sample, you should reference it properly. […]

There has been much written on the study skills and one can find any information on this subject but still, there are questions and problems that are fully or partially disclosed in the works of known scholars. Effective study skills should be practiced repeatedly in order to improve the knowledge of the subject as it is a well-known fact that simply “to think about” studying will not add you any experience. The only way is to gain the knowledge of good study skills in the process of doing it using all the necessary information. […]

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This is a marvelous guide for those who do not know where to start with their research projects and no wonder the book is in its tenth printing. The book has a good grounding given the understandable summary of the material. “Doing Your Research Project” was first published in the late 1980s, and since that time it has become a book people cannot be without for first-time researchers in social science. The third edition mirrors the progress in technology and methodology and gives the necessary support to researchers in the new millennium. […]

The author of “Doing Your Research Project” explains the material so that even those readers who have no prior knowledge of research methodology or experience of conducting the research project will successfully do it. The guide is written in simple words and it takes the reader little by little
through all the stages of preparing for, conducting a research project. Judith Bell speaks directly to the reader, very often given the examples from her own experience of, for instance, supervision, the access to materials and others (Bell, 1999, p.87). […]

The book is full of warnings concerning the pitfalls that a researcher should avoid. It is a practical guide for beginner researchers who are involved in undergraduate or postgraduate study and professionals – teachers, nurses, social workers who prepare research projects. The third edition of the book contains additional material on supervision, intellectual property, ethics, finding and searching information sources (electronic resources such as the Internet are included as well), and the production of literature review. […]

Chris Hart’s guide “Doing a Literature Review” is a look on the literature review as a research instrument. It is addressed to researchers in the social sciences and it can be useful in many spheres of design research. In the book the author analyses the importance of literature in research projects explaining that reviewing previous works cannot limit the imagination but free it. He explains how to organize and read research literature, how to analyze it, and how to express ideas on the subject. […]