Literature around during religious services without permission

and society go hand in hand, the literary work constitutes a representation of
the ideological elements that prevail in the epoch and in the social context in
which it is conceived. Literature reflects society’s bad a good values.
Ideology is constituted and reproduced from the ways in which what we say and
believe is connected with the structures and power relations in the society in
which we live.


that happen in society will reflect on the author’s work; literature is the
base of society, whether is fiction or nonfiction. In the play called “the
crucible”, we can see the society good and bad values; for example at the
beginning of the play, Reverend Parris kneels in prayer in front of his
daughter’s bed, where she, a ten year old Betty Parris is lying on. She is
lying in an unmoving and static state because she was accused of witchcraft and
her father being a stern man who believed that the members of the congregation
should not be around during religious services without permission of the chief.
Here, we can see that in the society’s bad, people are marked as something that
they are not really it, specifically, they are being judged without even know
their reality or having proofs of what they are being accused of.  The play
struggles through personal failings and despairs, presenting characters that
allow for audience members or readers to find some part of themselves in, which
in turn allows for them to view their own societies in a more critical light.

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literary work is a bridge between the personal experience of the writer and the
reproduction of social relations in which the writer or writer has been
socialized. Elements that, as a whole, can have an effect on consumers and / or
can support the reproduction of their ideological heritage at a social
level.  Also in the political literacy,
presidents and important people that have done something for America, have
written different types of lectures, essays, acts, etc. These, based on the
problems within the society that they had at that moment and they needed a
change in it. Being more specific; in the Declaration of Independence, written officially
by Thomas Jefferson is an example of the good values because are words recited
at some events to remind us of the founding ideals of our nation, although the
world and the society’s way of thinking have changed, those ideals remain as
outstanding as they were when Thomas Jefferson expressed his ideas on paper
towards the nation.


In any case the key is the concept of fiction, the
represented world is different from reality, it is intended to create another
reality, as opposed to the non-literary text in which the truth is nothing but
truth. Therefore, all literature is fiction, but it also represents reality, and
it refers to it even if it is to deny it.