Linda M. Hasselstrom Response Essay

In the Article, “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun”, Linda Hasselstrom explains why she carries a handgun through normal activities, such as driving, camping, or even staying at home. Although Hasselstrom claims she is not paranoid, but the situations that she reacts to would raise concerning questions. To most people, Hasselstrom is slightly more than cautious, she’s paranoid. In one situation, a man was walking out on her field toward a pond full of ducks.

When she drove down to inform the hunter that he was trespassing, the man raised up his gun and left, she felt threatened by that motion and she thought to herself, she could have been shot and nobody would know. Aware of the hunters intentions, Hasselstrom felt threatened and assumed the worst possible scenario. In a similar situation, Hasselstrom was camping out with another woman for several weeks, they had discussed self defense, the other woman other was a pacifist.

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There was one incident where there were two men, drunk, talking loudly about what they would “do” to them. Local campers did not react to this, assuming they thought it was a joke. Even the Park Ranger thought so. Readers might even find that in this scenario, Linda takes things a little too far with the gestures that the two men made. As others would have taken it as a joke like the campers and Ranger did. There was one another incident where she was driving home from teaching a class and there was a light on in her house. hen she walked in, there was nobody in there. for the rest of the night, she lied awake in her bed, too troubled by the thought of someone breaking into her house and possibly hurting her. Most people understand the fear of having a light on in their home, but they do not let it trouble them for an entire night. Letting one little incident like, leaving the light on at night, should not cause such a disturbance to which one could not sleep at night.

Gives readers all the more reason to believe that Mrs. Hasselstrom is paranoid. This article proves that Mrs. Hasselstrom is paranoid to the point where she is in denial. In most of the situations she described, the gun was unneeded as she was just taking things too literal and felt threatened by each tiny notion. Most situations she described in this article could have been handled differently without a gun. Presenting a gun to each situation may cause more problems than solutions.