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Mary Glasgow Magazine Euston House 24 Eversholt Street London NW1 1DB Dear Sir or Madam, I write this letter after reading one of your articles in your magazine. I’ve been reading your article about Racism in Football: The issue that won’t die. The article in vol. 44 January/February 2013 edition. The article gives different examples of racism in football and it states that it was the issue everyone thought had been buried, but last year’s shocking incidents put racism in football back on the front page. After I read the article I started thinking.

Racism is actually all around us; we cannot hide from it. Its not only is in our sports but also in our music and our life. Racism has become quite controversial in football in the last 10 years; this is mainly because of more foreign players coming into football. In your article you give a lot of examples about coloured players who become a victim of racism and you are only giving examples of men who become a victim. However the racism in football is not always about skin colour or men, because sometimes it is about women however, this is mainly regarded as sexism.

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They are not allowed to play or if they do play they get abuse shouted at them. I personally think that anybody either man or women, whatever their colour should be allowed to play football at whatever level they want. It is wrong if two players have exactly the same ability but one is white and one is coloured that one of them should get chosen and not the other. However this has happened before and it should never happen again. It is not just the players on the pitch but also the fans that are in the stand.

I often watch football matches and in the stands there is plenty of abuse shouted at the players and sometimes it is racist. Young children go to matches and they hear this language and think it is ok. Is that how we want our younger generation to behave, as racists? However unless we do something drastic then that is what is going to happen. If children hear this language at the matches they might start using it out on the streets. Certain footballers have recently been in the news because they attacked an Asian boy.

In the news it was reported that they had been drinking one of the Leeds players threw a punch at the Asian and then they chased him and beat him down. No one knows why the punch was thrown but that started it all. People are saying it’s the Asians fault for fighting back but anyone would. Is that how we want our footballers to be shown, as racists. These were top class players and they brought disgrace to our nation. However it is only a small minority I hope next time you dive deeper in a subject like Racism.

Giving a bunch of examples and statements is not enough in my opinion. You should have said something more about young children that might become racist. You actually only stated the words of Prime Minister Cameron saying: ‘‘you see young children as young as six imitating the behaviour they see’’ you should have gone deeper in to that. However I hope you will keep on writing such articles. The articles are very interesting to read they only need that little bit m, because you get . I like the layout of the magazine.

You can directly see that it’s something for teenagers of my age. I am attracted by all those different colours which are used in the magazine. I found all of the articles very interesting but this one attracted me the most, because I wanted to know how teenagers live their lives in London. I will continue reading your magazine, because it is something interesting to read and you can learn a lot from it. There aren’t many magazines which are so interesting. I hope you will continue with publishing such interesting articles! Yours faithfully, Jamil Wehbe