Lemon brown Essay

The treasure of lemon brown essay In Walter Dean Myer’s story The Treasure of Lemon Brown a teenager named Greg meets Lemon Brown and shows him a lesson about what is truly valuable in life. The story is where Greg is failing math and his father says he can’t play sports till he get a better grade in math. After his father gave him a long lecture till he pushed the button over the bell marked Ridley. Thought of the lecture he knew his father would give him, and smiled. That day Greg learned that “Everyman has a treasure” after walking into an old abandon apartment where he finds an old blues singer called lemon brown. Greg’s words and actions tell me that he was just a boy who doesn’t understand everything till it is taught. In a story the words and actions tell you a lot about someone’s past or present. Maybe even their personality. But in my opinion the charter words are the most important key of having a good story.

In the story it explain how Greg’s personality was when he left the building explaining how “The dark sky, filled with angry, swirling clouds”. Telling me that he was an average person who was probably was kid who always pays attention to the things that are more important things in life. but at the end of the story Greg personality change cause his actions at the end was a lot different from the beginning cause it said that he was happy to listen to his father lecture him. People have the power to get someone to tell someone own true personality. Well in Greg’s eyes he got lemon brown to show his true personality. Within the story Greg helped lemon brown shows his persona. When hiding inside the abandon apartment. Greg asks lemon brown what was his treasure well into the story lemon brown pulled out his treasure. Greg was surprise to see what lemon brown’s treasure was. It turn out to be a harmonica and a few newspapers .well it was his son’s treasure which showed that lemon brown loved his son cause he kept items from his father showing he loved his son. Every author has an attitude towards a charter. Well the author showed his attitude towards Greg. He showed he attitude in the story. Some authors show his attitude towards a character but you will have to think about it to find out. Well the author showed that Greg was person everyone can relate to.

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The reason why he showed that is because everyone has a weak point. Well Greg’s weak point was math. And that showed that he thinks of Greg as an average teenager who has something they have there not good at. The author showed many things to show that Greg in the story is an average person everyone can relate to so everyone can infer to. Well in this story the author explained how his attitude is against the charter. How Greg’s words and actions influence the thoughts of lemon brown. And what the charter words tell us about Greg. Well in the story after time with lemon brown he thought about what his father did and he get why he did what he did. As I see this story I see it as “Everyman has a treasure”.