Legends heroic character that shows an example

Legends are an important part of popular culture. Legends are traditional semi-true stories told over many centuries. They usually relate to a certain group and contain some mythical and/or unverifiable qualities. They resemble folktales in content containing, mythology or supernatural beings. These stories are commonly accepted as historical, as told in a historic matter. Legends are usually told about a particular person, place or contain a moral lesson. They are important to history and serve a purpose of entertaining others. These stories might not be completely true, but that’s the fun of it. Legends stimulate imagination, and get people to think. Legends can be changed over time due to the fact that they are passed through word of mouth or book. Although these verbal histories sometimes change in small ways over the years, they carry the same message and teach the same core values to numerous generations.For example, the legend of Robin Hood which was developed in England around 600 years ago, has been proven to be one of the most persisting popular folk heroes . Robin Hood was set out to be a skilled, herotic outlaw, archer, and swordsman in Yorkshire. He was also believed to rob rich people and give the money to the poor. Robin Hood was a heroic character that shows an example of charity. Many people seem to believe there was a real Robin Hood, but the truth is it’s all made up. There are many different versions of Robin Hood made over many centuries. Robin Hood’s first appeared in a text written by William Langland in 1377. Robin Hood stories spread early like wildfires because they were widely appealed in printed texts and were affordable. Robin Hood became a literary figure and a household name, taught in most classrooms around the world.  Robin Hood is just one example of an intriguing legend that happens to keep getting passed on for centuries. Many folk legends from other cultures are traditionally getting passed to newer generations the same. As people continue to add on or change up the story, it is in rotation to the next generation.