Leaving the Cave Essay

1. According to the author, what do most people think happiness consists of? * Most people think that happiness is consisted of looking good, having a nice car, nice clothes, and a life based on the images and truth of popular magazines and television “reality” shows. According to the author says that people do not know the reality because the materialistic illusion makes people to be happy.

2. In Plato’s myth, what takes place in the cave that relates to the material world? * If people only focus to build up material wealth, they will only live the surface of good. People in the cave only had very limited self-awareness, knowledge and freedom. 3. What does the author cite as a modern example of what the cave symbolizes? * Someone who is “in the cave” is similar with a person who owns a car without knowing what effect it has on the environment. Also, a person who buys stuff not because they need them, but because they just want them or saw the advertisements.

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4. According to the author, what is the difference between an ignorant person who owns a car and an enlightened person who has a deeper knowledge of cars? * An ignorant person who he/she have little self-knowledge that just knows that the car should turn on the well ignition, but an enlightened person well know how the car organize and fix. Particularly, the enlightened person can handle every car part of component; therefore, the person has deep knowledge. Consequently, the differences are very noticeable.