Late work and keep up with the


modernisation is characterised by the constant need to improve oneself. With
contribution of the acceleration of time, discipline evolved in an increasing
rate. Individuals not only need to discipline oneself in accord to the standard
of the norm, post modern society is now facing with the need to intensify
self-discipline in order to be above average. Based on empirical observation, metropolis
lifestyle is pressed by the maximisation of time. Productivity is highly
valued. Multi-tasking and organisation is the skill to be envied. Every aspect
of life needs to be arranged systematically and promptly. Personally, I
switched from keeping a diary to planner since 2013. I feel a constant need to
be consistent with my work and keep up with the workload. If I don’t use
discipline instrument like the planner, I feel as if I fail as a person. I
always find myself looking for a new method to improve myself through active
research. I read a couple of self-help books and read multiples of articles
online in order to be better. This means that discipline has been intensified in
modern days comparing to everyday life of my parents in which life according to
them, “is less stressful”.

with the increase of personal platform like social media, the society is in the
state of constant confession. Under the new perspective Foucault offers. I look
upon social media like Facebook in a new way. I have always perceived people
who always update their status and tell the world what is going on with them
without considering the complexity of the situation. I would think that they
are merely lonely. However, by investigating the phenomena through Foucault’s
lens I realized that social media is basically a platform of self-construction
in which social validation is the gaze. People upload picture on Instagram on
Facebook to seek validation from the observer. They would make sure that they
dress and appear in a way that normalised judgement approve by using filters,
creating a right caption, and perfect their “self fashioning”.

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about Foucault’s theory on discipline and punish made me realise of the social
condition and offer a new look to reality. The reason why I am so uptight and
stressed out is due to the social norm and pressure. I was afraid of social
judgment and failure. However, being more aware of the discipline as a form of
control, I turned over a new leaf. If I am to be disciplined, I would do so
because I personally want to improve. I would not discipline myself in a way
that I am now aware sometimes is due to the way of to please the society. I
would lot a be less of a human if I am a little less organised or made mistakes
sometimes due to lack of discipline. Discipline becomes “my” tool to improve
under my will, not others’ tool to change me.


does not necessary have to be viewed negatively I believe that it is indeed
crucial for human progress as a whole that we lead our life with goal and
conviction in whatever we are doing. Discipline is an effective tool to achieve
those goals. The major point, however, is to search for the right balance to be
a productive human, not productive robot. It is a resolution for me to attempt
to live a satisfying life with sense of self accomplishments and while
maintaining individual happiness