KPIs added KPIs is a tool for

KPIs have been enacted not only in
Malaysia but also in other countries too such as United States. For instance, various levels of
government in the USA have required the reporting of KPIs, PIs or PMs since the
1960s. The “Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)” is a recent example
of mandating the use of strategically-focused “outcome performance measures”,
rather than operationally-focused “process and output measures” (Radin, B.A,
2000). Consequently, the employees need to understand the importance on the
implementation  of KPIs in organization
as it is everything under the sun that has been implemented since a long time
ago as the
appropriate KPIs need to be determined in order to measure
performance (Cox et al., 2003; Enos, 2000; Verweire
and Berghe, 2004).

KPIs play a
significance role in organization specifically linking to performance
measurement. Verzola et al., asserted KPI as a medium to monitor the degree of
achievement of the performance levels (2009). Moreover, Goodpasture (2003)
added KPIs is a tool for systematically delivering measurements
and key success factors is well established in the
management literature. Therefore, a set of structured KPIs helps in tracking
the desired performance and aids in
managerial decisions (Crager et al., 2005) The purpose of the KPIs is to enable
quantifiable measurements that reflect the critical
success factors of an organization (Bose, 2006; Chan and Chan,
2004; Beatham et al., 2005).

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addition, Zaherawati Zakaria et al., enunciate KPIs in National Registration
Department, Pulau Pinang has been developed based on the guidelines Development
Administration Circult (2011). Further to this, the KPIs is linking to the
vision, mission and the target as well as it is important to measure the three
main aspects of this organization. First, to measure the effectiveness and the efficiency of the internal work
process to deliver the services. Second, to measure the productivity of human
resources to provide and deliver services to customers. Third, to measure the
customers satisfaction towards services received. Moreover, Zaherawati Zakaria
et al., stated that KPIs helps to measure the performance, achieve the
customers’ satisfaction and act as a mechanism for future improvements on the
services delivered to their customers (2011). Hence, KPIs act as a platform to
achieve their long term vision to be the Best Counter Services in the world.