Kori victim but for herself and her

Kori Riley The conditions forced the enslaved were intolerable and inhumane. However, as horrible as it was, it still needs to be examined to fully understand the hardships that were given to the enslaved. Slavery not only stole wealth from black people as a whole but denied them a shot of long posterity and deprived them of equal citizenship. As emotionally painful slavery was you can only imagine the hardships a woman were to go through during this time and the lasting effects of such terrible times. In today’s society we can still see the effects of not only slavery but years of exploration and sexualization of black girl bodies. There are not many slave narratives about women, but of the few, shows the sad narrative of a woman enslaved. A great example of this is the narrative by Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, in which she critiques racism, and the pedophila between a slave girl and her master. In the narrative, at the ripe age of  fifteen, her master begins to make sexual advances towards her. When Mr.Flint, her master, finds out she can is literate he begins to write letters to her demanding sex, and also threatens to kill her if she tells anyone. Later in the narrative Mr.Flint’s wife confronts Linda after days and nights of the wife and master having jealousy filled arguments. After having to swear on the bible itself that she hasn’t slept with the master, the mistress cries, not for the victim but for herself and her sad excuse for a marriage. When the master’s letters were not enough for Linda he proceeded to build a whole separate room for him and her and he threatens to sell her children. The sexualization of black female bodies and its stereotypes can be dated back to the days of colonialism. When the black slave was going on the Europeans were amazed by the beauty of african woman but wanted to make sure that other Europeans are worried about their place in society, so called african woman “exotic” and “nymphomaniacs”.  Another example of these stereotypes to be used for exploitation is the story of Sarah Baartman. Sarah Baartman was a black  woman who  was promised a life of fortune by Europeans. She was  taken to Europe as a slave to be exhibited naked to men and women around Europe just because of her physique, the physique of a Black woman. Her life was that of humiliation, prostitution, and slavery of another name. These stereotypes are still apparent in today’s society and mass media. As a black person, I have heard stereotypes that sound similar to “scientific racism” that was used to make Africans seem inferior.  However I  have also experienced the stereotypes facing black women. One is which that all black women are hypersexual. This stereotype is black women as a whole posses the tendency to be excessively lustful, promiscuous, and indecent by nature. When black woman choose to liking any sexual act they are quickly deemed as hypersexual or “being too sexual”