Kellog Special K Essay

Kellogg’s Special K brand a ‘good source of fibre’ is targeted at women who are health conscious about their body weight attracting a lot of consumers and therefore has been a success to the company. The Special K brand has a variety of products; ? Cereals ?Original Cereal ?Low Fat Granola. ?Red Berries ?Cinnamon Pecan ?Protein cereal ?Chocolatey Delight ?Blueberry ?Fruit and Yoghurt ?Vanilla Almond ?Honey and Oats Learning “Learning is the process of Acquiring knowledge through experience which leads to an enduring change in behaviour. ” (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2010, p. 732).

Learning is defined as acquiring of knowledge, skill or quality through studying and experience which influences a permanent change in behaviour. The learning Theories looked at are the Cognitive, Affective and Behavioural Theories where it is shown how the marketing mix influences them. Cognitive Learning Theory The Cognitive Learning Theory starts to explain human behaviour by understanding the mental process that underlies learning. This happens when information process in the short-term memory is stored in the long-term memory. Product Kellogg’s Special K cereal belongs to in category of breakfast.

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Kellogg’s first launched Special K Protein Plus a rice flake cereal that’s a high source of fibre. The Special K cereal targets working class women with health and weight conscious bodies aspiring to lose weight and wanting a quick healthy meal. It is an understood concept of the specific needs and benefits wanted by their consumers and to promote their Special K product, perception is implemented where according to Michael R Solomon (2005), “Perception is the process by which sensations are selected, organized and interpreted,” where sensation is response of our sensory receptors which are our eyes, ears, nose, taste and touch.

To build recognition for their brand they invested in a lot of advertisements Special K need recognition can also be known as their problem recognition where they perceived their products ability to be able to solve or help with women’s problem/desire to lose weight, even if they are using other products, special K attractive and bold adverts aim are to catch their attention with their innovative portraits. When exposed to the Special K cereal the brand will be /exposed to the consumer and recognition will occur. Positioning

Kellogg’s being a successful and innovative company saw the potential for their new brand Special K and therefore aiming for their brand to become not only a breakfast meal but also for an option for lunch or dinner . Through their first original rice flake cereal they innovated many different flavours to appeal to a wider sector of the market and to satisfy their consumers to their best ability. Kellogg has positioned the Special K brand as Mega-brand. Kellogg’s Special K spent a lot on advertisement focusing on women with soft curves, soothing typography, inspired images of women with lean figures in dress and swimsuits.

Kellogg Special K targets women categorized in Herzberg’s Motivation Theory. This theory states that ‘motivators can bring about positive satisfaction. ’ G. A. Cole(2004, pp. 37)Including in the motivator factors are achievement, recognition, responsibility and advancement. Having consumers that are motivated to achieve their goals will build the brand and will be more interested in learning more about the product. Packaging Kellogg Special K brand for their cereals always use bright colours with a white background to attract consumer’s attention which helps with brand recognition and makes it less likely to forget.

The way in which Kellogg went about introducing their products, implemented latent learning which was introduced by Edward Toleman . This theory states that the mind play parts in the learning process. It was discovered that animals learnt and stores information in the memory which gradually caused a change in behaviour. Having the rats explore the maze for some days they eventually learnt the best available route to their food which caused through experience, memory and latent learning called cognitive mapping Affective Learning Theory

Affecting learning is based upon an individual’s emotions towards something. Here is where search for information comes into play. By being exposed to the special K product consumers will automatically notice the adverts and its information and due to its intriguing adverts and promotions they will start investigating the product. Kellogg Special K has many different flavours to suite a wider variety of consumers taste.

A special K advert on the Chocolate Delight cereal shows that you can have a healthy meal that will solve your sweet cravings no matter the time of day or night, which they call the guilty pleasure, to see advert slide see appendix figure 1. 7 advert 6 pgs 21-23. This advert will influence a positive attitude, a feel good motive, which promotes emotional values of desire, pride, self-confidence and achievement. Special K presents to their consumer that their brand is innovated to satisfy their needs and wants of safety needs; security of body and achievement, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

Price even though Kellogg has a relatively higher price range than some of its competitors , the Special K cereals are of high quality creating a perception of their brand image to be a more luxury product. For some it may create a negative attitude towards the product for those who don’t mind luxury products it will form a positive attitude in the middle class to high society class. However, for some of the working class consumers they may still consider purchasing the product because they may want to fit into the higher society. Behavioural Learning Theory

A process of which experiences observing inputs, stimuli and outputs leading to changes in behaviour. Through Kellogg’ Special K cereal Promotions and campaigns through which consumers receive samples, their aim is to provide their consumers with good motive feelings. By presenting attractive women who consume the cereal and have lost weight, telling consumers if you use our products you can also look like this which enhances their existing desire to have an attractive body. When consumers constantly hear special K ‘be special’, ‘what will you gain when you lose? or ‘guilty pleasures’ it becomes an automatic reaction in remember the special k brand. When consumers become familiar with the brand and upon investigating Kellogg’s Special k cereal comes in many flavour varieties. According to their advertisement on variety the whole presentation is about when having to diet, why just have one flavour? When you can have different, delicious tastes. Seeing that not everyone has the same taste having a wide variety of different flavours will increase the chance of consumers purchasing the product. Reference

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