Juvenile Delinquency Week III Message board Reply to Prindle Essay

Juvenile Delinquency Week III Message board Reply to Prindle

            Juvenile delinquency is considered as one of the most atrocious social issue. I agree with Prindle’s article because there are means and ways on how to avoid juvenile crimes. More exposure to authorities will lessen the fright of juveniles against the authorities. Police should be seen as protectors and not as abductors. Giving priority to the adolescent stage will also lessen the chance of having juvenile crimes.

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            Adolescent is the stage where juvenile crimes usually occur. This is the time when a youth is in search for his/her identity. Growing up with incomplete set of parents will make one crave for attention and look for people who can give them more time and happiness. It triggers them to join fraternities and other groups which cling on to vices like drinking alcohol, smoking and using illegal drugs. In my opinion, it is not only the responsibility of parents to discipline juvenile delinquents. Based on the Prindle’s write up, it should also be the main goal of educational institution to teach students as early as primary level on how to respect police authorities. It will be carried upon until their adolescent stage and even until adulthood. Too much independence of juveniles will make them prone to committing crimes. I agree with Prindle’s opinion that there should be an implementation of activities that will give entertainment to juveniles without inflicting any harmful effect. It is a good idea to organize community projects which aims to divert the interest of juveniles from having vices to doing community works.

            Everyone has the responsibility to guard one another and work out towards a better society. Youth are the foundation of a better future since they will be future leaders and professionals in the society. I agree with Prindle’s statements regarding solutions on solving the problems concerning juvenile delinquency.