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Just like shopping from stores when it comes to shopping online you can always avail discounts.These discounts are mainly sent you through coupon codes which you have to enter while checkingout with the products in your cart and your total cost is estimated after taking into account thediscount value.Well, you can avail coupons from various well known sites likes an Amazon Discount Coupon Code,etc. Just as you follow a few simple rules when availing discounts in stores, you have to rememberfew things too when availing discounts online. Let us take a look at what these pointers are:1. The first and the most important thing to remember is that you have to put in the discountcode before you check out with your online cart. When you finalise the products of your cartthat you will be buying, look for a place where you can enter the coupon code. Once youhave already checked out, you will not be able to avail a discount. Thus if you want to availthe discount, please be sure to put the code in.2. It is important that you put in the exact code as given your coupon. These coupons aregenerally e generated and you have them in your email from which you can copy paste.When copying the coupon code do make sure that you pay particular attention to the caseof the letters. They are mostly alphanumeric and hence you need to keep that in mind whenkeying in the letters for the coupon code. Be very specific so that you do not go wrong withit or you may not be able to reuse the coupon again in case of a mistake.3. Read the terms and conditions very carefully. There are a lot of ifs and buts when productsare brought with the discount coupons. For example, some of the products are non-refundable and some similar extra conditions. Hence, it is very important to know what thebasic rules are that are applicable on the coupon code. While some coupon codes areapplicable only after shopping over a certain limit, there are other coupon codes that caterto only specific products. Hence, it is essential to keep these points in mind when availingdiscounts.4. One of the most important things that you will have to take note of is the expiry date. Nocoupon code comes without an expiry date and hence you have to take that into accountbefore you make the purchase. If you have a coupon use it before it expires.5. And last but not the least, always keep yourself signed up for updates from the sites that yougenerally purchase from. Then they will send you coupon codes and discount notificationsfrom time to time which is one of the best advantages of online shopping, so that you cangrab the best of the deals that they have to offer.Follow these few simple guidelines and you will be able to access discounts through coupon codeswith ease. Happy shopping!