Just do it Essay

Just do it!

This advertisement photo by “Nike” captured not only my interest but it also slaps me into realization that sometimes, no matter how much you give, failure is there to interfere along your way. Things that sometime cannot be avoided and a threat of danger are always there to come along. Some may found this photo a bit unusual or absurd to be advertised by a company that wants to win their market but I admire the courage and brilliant mind behind this advertising masterpiece of Nike.

Baseball is one of America’s favorites sports with almost households have their own favorite team season after seasons, and to gain the loyalty of this market is a huge challenge as per marketing strategies due to tight competition revolving the industries. The idea of this picture is to focus on a baseball player stumbling upside down which probably because of running so hard after the ball. A usual scenario we see every baseball season. Here we see that it’s not the story of stumbled man that is being told but the clear courage of a player who gave full dedication to the sport he love. No matter what came into his way, the man pushed himself to his limits just to win the game that even injuries won’t hinder him. Nike amazingly turns this awkward moment of player into an inspiring picture that speaks with a full sincerity that life wasn’t that easy yet every one of us should play it harder with our whole heart. It awakens the spirit of a player in each of us. Even if you fall, says Nike, it’s okay. You’ll get it right someday.

“Just do it!”

Was the just simple phrase that puts the company to a resounding success in manufacturing athletic fashions and footwear, good enough to build an empire all trough the sports industries. It was the “check” sign trademark of Nike that signifies the correctness of the player. A very positive indication that the stumbled man is doing what is right not by it’s fall but of his reason to fell and what droves him to let him self stumbled. Nike is bringing to us the concept that sport is not just about running, dunking or slamming balls but playing, winning and losing. Nike conditioned our mind that nothing is wrong for as long as you’re doing it with all your might. It intends us to release our full potentials. As you can see, the player on the pictures wore Nike custom design shoes. It pictures that one who wear these gains the same confident of pushing trough in field or in life. That Nike products delivers you comfort that you can depend through your ups and down.  With Nike there is no rooms for frustrations and everything is possible.

The sincerity of this image tags to the promise of quality of Nike products. It’s Nike another way saying that our company gives our products the full and best attention that assures you the best quality we can give and it’s important to me as a costumer to have such promise to hold.