Jurassic Park Essay

Jurassic Park

“Jurassic Park” by Michael Chriton is a science fiction novel considered a cautionary tale. The novel is based on the mathematical concept of chaos theory that explains the collapse of amusement park. The most confusing thing revealed is that some scientists argue that book’s content is impossible simply because many of the described dinosaurs depicted in the novel and film versions didn’t live in the Jurassic Period and many of them were described the wrong way. Many of the depicted dinosaurs are argued to belong to Cretaceous Period. Firstly, it would be rather difficult to correctly sequence dinosaur’s DNA without a complete DNA for comparison. Therefore, it is hardly possible to find complete sequence as DNA is unstable outside the living organism. Secondly, the story suggests that DNA frog is used for producing an organism, but in reality the produced organism that varied from original specie is scientific nonsense. (Weaver, 2002, p.76)

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Moreover, some dinosaurs appear to be described incorrectly than real animals. For example, pterosaur (see pic.1) is described as an aggressive dinosaur being able to pick up a child with its feet. In reality pterosaur is thought to have eaten fish and to have been strong enough to lift up a person. Further, procompsognathus (see pic.2) is also provided with attributes which can’t be determined from fossil evidence. In particular, they are presented as living in large groups, as eaters of feces keeping the park clean. Similar to that of cobra, they are presented to secret venom, although in more primitive way. In reality, they are claimed to be early relative of modern crocodiles. No evidence proves they lived in groups and scientists argue venom secretion in dinosaurs was not observed. The ability incapacitate a prey is attributed to compsognathus.  (Desalle & Lindley, 1997)


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