Junot Diaz: A Look Inside the Book Essay

Junot Diaz: A Look Inside the Book

There is definitely hype surrounding the works of Author Junot Diaz.  It is immediately noticeable the unaccountable work of the author his  debut novel; his 1997 novel Drown. According to the San Francisco Chronicle this stunning collection of stories offers an “unsentimental glimpse of life”  among the immigrants from the Dominican Republic  and other front-line reports on the ambivalent promise of the American dream. “This eloquent and original writer  describes more than physical dislocation in conveying the price that is paid for leaving culture and homeland behind” (San Francisco Chronicle Edition 1998) .

            Diaz was born in Villa Juana, a neighborhood in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Therefore Diaz would definitely know about some of the hardships and troubles behind the Dominican Republican community. The 10 stories in Drown tell of his impoverished, fatherless youth in the Dominican Republic and his struggle with immigrant life in New Jersey. You will find within his works that Diaz has a precise eye for pain, rendering the suffering of the dispossessed with clinical accuracy.

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