Journalism: News Values Essay

An investigation has been launched after an innocent 13-year-old girl was killed after a car that was being chased by police hit her last night. The Mitsubishi failed to stop and clipped the rear of a Perodua Kelisa in Petaling Jaya, last night sending it careering into a traffic light. The girl who died was a back seat passenger in the Kelisa and her parents and brother were treated for injuries at Assunta hospital, Petaling Jaya. The police pursued the Mitsubishi’s driver after the car’s registration number triggered an alert on the police’s in-car computer system which targets uninsured drivers and other suspected minor offenders.

Petaling Jaya Police Inspector Kuna Ganeson, said: “An innocent family are now dealing with the tragic death of a loved one. The Petaling Jaya Police has now begun a thorough investigation into the circumstances of this terrible accident. The thoughts of our staff and officers are with the family at this time. ” The driver of the Mitsubishi was arrested and his female passenger was treated in hospital for minor injuries. Grocery shop owner Simon Yap said I was shocked when heard the news from another friend as we were walking to our shop. I feel very, very sorry for the family.

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A teacher at a school nearby Bobby Wong said there were police and ambulances and paramedics. It was dark and you could not see what was happening and the whole place was blocked off. (Ends) NEWS VALUES SHEET| JRN1000 Journalism Practice| Assignment 5| Student name| Nathanael Long Hian Sheng| Suggested headline| Teenage girl dies after pursued car crashes into her family’s vehicle| Story word count| 240| TopicWrite a brief description of what your story is about. | A 13-year-old girl died when a car being chased by police smashed into her family’s vehicle. | Audience1.

Name the newspaper you think would publish this story and where it is based. 2. Explain why its readers would be interested in this story. | 1. The Star, New Strait Times, The Sun2. Because the readers would like to get informed about what’s “popular” today or what’s going on in their neighborhood| News valuesIdentify (by name) the news values you have applied in selecting, reporting and writing this story. 2. Explain why those news values matter to your story. | Impact, Proximity, Human Interest. Why I chose impact because it would affect the readers emotionally because of a 13-year-old girl who was killed.

Proximity is because it happened around an area where it’s busy with a lot of people. So people should be aware of what’s going on. Human interest is because people like drama and this news that involves death and grief will surely interest the readers. | Sources1. LIST the sources you have quoted or otherwise used to confirm the contents of your story. (This may include people you spoke to who are not directly quoted in your story). 2. Explain why you selected these sources for your story (relevance and credibility). IMPORTANT: You must also provide details of data sources (background information). 1. Petaling Jaya Police Inspector Grocery shop owner Local school teacher2. I selected the police inspector because there was an investigation that was going on regarding the crash and he would know and give the best details about it. I chose the grocery shop owner because he owns a grocery shop nearby and he might have seen the crash that occurred. The reason I chose the school teacher because there is a school nearby the crash and he would know the safety measures that the school would have to take when such an event occurs.