Journal Entries Essay

Journal Entries

Modern Poets
The romantic poets had the advantage of living in a time when others viewed them as having insight or wisdom.  Today, however, most poets are viewed as odd people who attempt to romanticize a harsh world.  They are not treated with a semblance of the respect that they once were.  They are viewed as whimsical and often less intelligent than novelists or screen writers.

Society is much more complex than it once was and people are more skeptical.  People should be able to continue to see the beauty and hope expressed in poetry, as well as the expressions and outlets for grief.  Poets, who can effectively communicate thoughts and feelings though verse should continue to be respected as people who can see the world a little differently than everyone else.  People can still get inspiration and hope out of well written poetry and should give the writers the respect and appreciation for the creativity and expression they are able to share with others.

The elderly is one group that is often treated poorly.  Although current laws are in place to prevent age discrimination, once people are believed to be past their prime are set out like the trash and given very little thought by many people in society.  Because age often slows the reflexes and dims the memory, the younger hurried generations seem to only pay the elderly attention when they are in the way.  People yell at them when they hold up traffic on the highway or the line in the supermarket instead of helping them out.  Many people rush past them instead of holding the door for them.  When they can no longer care for themselves their children place them in a nursing home rather than attempting to care for them in their home or letting them move in with them.  The elderly cared for their children when they were unable to care for themselves, but when roles are reversed it is too much of an inconvenience for the children to return the favor.  They use the excuse that the nursing homes are designed and better equipped to care for them and they are thinking of their parent’s best interest.  The elderly continue to have valuable stories and insight on events historical facts that the younger generations have learned about only in textbooks.  The elderly need to get the respect and care they have earned throughout a lifetime of caring for others.

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Responding to Literature
The lamb is referred to as the songs of innocence and The Tyger is referred to as songs of experience.  These analogies are accurate with words like little lamb, meek and mild used to describe the lamb and words like fire and fearful used to describe the tiger.  The poems represent two essential sides of human existence.  All people need to have some innocence and some experience and passion in order to survive.  The lamb poem speaks with a voice of innocence and therefore gets his questions answered, while the tiger expresses knowledge and strong emotion.

      The Poison Tree shows how anger and jealousy can grow if it is allowed to.  It states that with his friend he told his wrath not to grow and it ended, but with his foe he did not tell it and it continued to grow.  It ends with his happiness at seeing his foe stretched out under the tree.

      The first poem about the chimney sweeper is a song of innocence and speaks about a child who does not feel unhappy.  He says that if they all do their duty they need not fear harm.  The other poem written a few years later talks about how his parents feel that because he sings he is not unhappy and they have not caused him harm.

Tinterton Abbey
This poem is about reflection.  He has not seen the area in five years and uses the first section of the poem to reflect on how it has not changed.  He goes on to reflect on his memories of the area and later to talk about his present life.

      Wordsworth describes Westminster as a beautiful place he describes the river as gliding, the houses as if asleep and the town as wearing the beauty of the morning.  This is a perfect example of the romantic poets because they could look beyond the troubles of the time and see the beauty of nature and society.  There are many cities in the world, but only one is home.  It is where a person is not afraid to walk across the street, because he knows who is on the other side.  He finds friends on every corner and is familiar with the smells.  There are thousands of places to visit, but only one to return to.

      In The World is too much with us, Wordsworth uses the mythology to paint a brighter picture of the world to allow him to drift away from the problems in the real world and fade out into fantasy or mythology.  This allows him to release the frustration he obviously feels at the beginning of the poem and end with more of a feeling of contentment.  The poem relates to the modern world in the respect that people are often too busy with life to see the wonder of the world around that does not cost anything.  It is true that for most people if they could take a little time out of the craziness of life to appreciate the beauty of nature they would not be able to help releasing a little of the frustrations of daily life.

To Lord Byron.  It is flattering that one pays so much attention and be inspired to the point of writing a poem about any person.  It is however rather disturbing that a person would spend so much time watching anyone else without making their presence known.

      It is apparent that in order to have detail down to the point of even being able to describe a person’s eyes one would have to have spent a great deal of time at a close range to give this kind of detail.  In days of stalkers this is rather disturbing.

      It is apparent that you are not familiar enough to know my name, but that you would like to.  If you think I am beautiful and would like to meet me, please be so kind as to allow me the privilege of knowing who my admirer is and meet with me in person.

      The Pilgrimage poem defines the form and fits in with the time well he describes his love as brightening every hour. Yet she causes him a great deal of pain and anguish.

      The sea has storms that come at night

      They toss the homes and boats around

      And care not who they cause great fright

      They come and go and leave daylight.

Percy Shelly
As long as there have been people, they have tried to achieve immortality.  No one has physically, but many people’s works have lived long after they have.  In this respect, it seems possible to leave a remnant of oneself behind for future generations.  This is how folk tales and fables have survived the test of time by one generation passing them to the next.  People live on through their children and the works they leave behind.

Most sonnets follow an A-B-A-B A-B-A-B C-D-C-C-D-C pattern in they rhyme.  Shelly however used an A-B-A B-C-B C-D-C D-E-D  E-E pattern because it was a better match for his writing style and was appealing to him as a writer.

 He did provide the definitive turn in the ninth line of his poem.  The poem went from a negative connotation to a more positive outlook between the eighth and ninth lines.

“When I have Fears” I am afraid that I will die before I have written all that is in my head, or before I have read all of the information filled books.  I look into the night sky filled with stars, clouds and romance and fear that I will no longer have that experience.  I think of a time when I will only see you and love you without it being returned and will have to spend my life alone, I think about how love and fame both go away.

      The sensory experience in “ode to a Nightingale” is the use of smell it describes the scent of the flowers and even though he can not see them he can tell what they are by the smell.  It is vivid enough to almost allow the reader to smell the fresh scent of the flowers.

      “Ode to a West Wind” and “Ode to a Nightingale” both has a preoccupation with death, but the two writers seem to view it in different light.  Both talk about how it is coming and is an inevitable fact of life.

      Shelly writes about death as something to dread and fear.  He makes it something he is trying to avoid.  Keats on the other hand paints death as a tranquil end to life that makes life worthwhile.

      Both men are realistic in knowing that death is coming and use imagery in poetry to talk about it, but one looks forward to it and one shows fear and dread.

“Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner”

First the mariner stops the guest and begins the story.  His journey began well, and then the wind took them to the land of ice.  They feared for their lives until an albatross sowed up.  As long as the albatross followed them, things went well.  For some reason the mariner shot the albatross.  His shipmates were angry with him for killing their good-luck charm.  Then when things go well they agree he might have don’t the right thing.  Of course things did not continue to go well and they run out of food and water.  Death comes and collects all of his shipmates except him and leaves him alone with their dead bodies. He blesses God’s creatures and the spell breaks.  Everything turns for the better. It began to rain and the dead men came to life because of spirits. The ship begins to move finally.  The ship moves more quickly than he could stand therefore he falls into a trance until the ship slows.  He is returned home and the spirits leave the bodies of his crew.  A hermit approaches, the ship sinks, and he is saved into the pilot’s boat. The mariner then spends his life traveling the world teaching others to respect all living things.  The wedding guest leaves sadder and wiser.

      The true things in this focus around the events such as getting lost and getting stranded.  The guilt and sadness bring about the crew coming back to life and the death boat collecting them.

Kubla Khan
This poem warns against the indulgence of the imagination as it talks about demons and a haunted woman with ceaseless turmoil.

The mariner represents chaos and suffering.  The guest headed to a wedding is used as a wedding is thought to be a beginning and happy. A ship is used to show they are confined and essentially have no choice but to follow along the events as they unfold and an albatross is used as it is an ancient symbol of good fortune.  By killing the albatross he destroyed their good fortune.

Through this he was attempting to teach people to respect nature.  Personification is used in such ways as the ice howling.  He used a simile to describe the albatross as a Christian soul.

Beauty is important in society.  Everyone wants to look like models and no one wants to be thought of as ugly. Love and hate are both very strong emotions and often come in a combination.  Everyone loves their families and hates those who threaten them or their safety and seek revenge upon them. Parent/child relationships are often the source of love in people’s lives.  Everyday society is striving for technological advancements to make life easier.  Ambition is though of as a character strength, because people who are ambitious are often the most successful.  The pursuit of knowledge is often the driving force for advancements, because many people want to know more than they currently do.

12.  Letters through Chapter three

            The characters through chapter three involved Walter who was traveling and found and saved Victor Frankenstein who then begins telling his story.  Victor then introduces his parents, Elizabeth his adopted sister, his younger brother, his friend Henry, and his professors Krempe and Waldman.  At the age of fifteen Victor witnessed an electrical storm that peaked his interest in science and electricity.  At age seventeen his mother dies, but first announces that she wants him to marry Elizabeth.  Instead of doing this he goes away to school.

13.  Opinion

            First scenario, the passerby should be a hero and not blamed for the broken ribs.  If he did not intervene the person would have died.  This would nave been far worse than a broken rib.

            Second scenario.  If the people had helped they may have prolonged the child’s life.  They did not help her situation, but they could not be held responsible for the child’s death.  They did not cause her death and one meal would not save her forever.

            Although what Katie chose to do in the third scenario was not something a friend should do, she did not control her friend’s response to it.  Jane’s choice to leave school was her own decision and although Katie may have contributed to it she is not responsible for it.

            A person who is treated badly does not always react with evil.  People are responsible for their own choices and their reaction to others is part of their personality. Revenge is often thought to be justifiable when a person is treated with severe physical harm.  Although revenge sometimes makes the person feel better, there are usually not great advantages from it and the disadvantages can be anything from hard feelings to imprisonment.

14.Chapters 4-17

Vocabulary :

Hovel- garage or attachment to a house.

            These chapters introduce the monster and the housekeeper Justine who is put to death for the murder of Victor’s younger brother.  It also introduces a plan to make a mate for the monster.  Who has been living in the woods near Victor’s home and who really murdered Victor’s brother.  The monster has helped families and has learned language and educated himself by reading books.

15.      The end of Frankenstein

Victor destroys the monster’s mate before it is finished and the monster threatens revenge.  The monster proceeds to kill Henry then Elizabeth after which Victor’s father dies from depression.  Victor sets out to kill the monster and fails.

Lesson 5

1.      Morality

The technological advances of society including the internet have taken the personal touch out of society.  People make phone calls and talk to machines; they send letters over the internet and rarely talk face to face.

As the advances make society move faster and lives easier they take away people’s ability to relate to each other.  People have difficulty with personal communication now in a world where everything is abbreviated in order to use fewer letters.

2.      Amusement parks are a lot of fun, but as a person gets older they tend to lose interest in them.  It is sad that the things a person enjoys can not continue throughout a lifetime. Many athletes try to hold onto their careers after they have passed their prime.  Michael Jordan retired and returned to the sport before he finally gave it up.  He was still quite good at the sport, but had lost some of his talent.

3.      This poem is about a woman who is forced to view the world through a mirror and not on her own.  She goes through the poem afraid of the penalty of the curse on her.  She desperately wants a firsthand view of the world, but dares not to.

            The poem ends when she must take a look at someone and breaks the curse.  She finds that the penalty of breaking the curse is death.

4.      Sometimes love is hard to show, or to say, but it is not just about shouting it from rooftops.  It can be shown in little ways like opening a door for them or carrying the groceries.  It can be making soup when they are sick or saying it does not matter how they look.  It can be giving them a hug on their worst day, or making a fool of yourself to make them feel better about their mistake.  Showing someone love is simply being there through all of the good times and the bad times even when you would rather be somewhere else.

5.      The duchess was a person who spent her time following she did not always understand all of the rules of being royalty, but she tried to fit the part.

            She did as she was asked and made her appearances as needed She was what everyone expected her to be, but now she has gone and all that remains is the picture on the wall.

6.      How much does a man need?  He needs just enough to make him happy.  He doesn’t need fame or fortune but simply happiness and contentment.

7.      In the story the man who wanted more and more got exactly what he deserved he ended up with the exact amount of land that he needed.  Although it is not bad to work to gain more it is wrong to let jealousy become so all encompassing as to take over one’s whole life and cause him to destroy the lives of others in the process.

8.       Five things for a million dollars

1.      live in a cave for a year.

2.      eat bugs

3.      move to a foreign country

4.      give up all of my material possessions

5.      change my identity

Fifteen years of solitude would be bearable if there were other links to the outside world.  I would agree to it if I had internet, television and a way to get fast food.  With no way to communicate with the outside world madness would eventually be the result.  I would not agree to that for any amount of money.  Death penalty is very likely a more humane form of punishment than solitary confinement.

9.      Greed is a huge motivator.  Both of these stories is based on greed.  What a person would do to gain financial gain.  Both stories end in a way that shows how greed can bring about very negative consequences.

10.   The two stories both had characters that developed an obsession about something Mr. Lantin’s obsession was the beautiful girl who had moved from Paris.  He fell for her without even knowing her and like Phrom he could not get past his obsession.

11.  The pursuit of money has cost people their jobs, their families, their friends and their homes. People change when they become overly obsessed with money.  They become aggressive, such as spending all of their time at their jobs or by losing patience with family members.

12.  Lawrence wanted to accomplish a reaction among readers.  The goal was to make people think.

13.  There are differences between all people that is what makes the country so great.  It becomes a problem when one group thinks they are better than another.  The best that can be hoped for is that different cultures can respect each other’s beliefs and values, because understanding and relating to them requires growing up in a specific culture and learning the tradtitions as part of life.

14.  I believe empire means a group that has power in a nation.  No nation is responsible for the actions of a person.  They may have contributed to it, but people are responsible for people not a whole country.

Leeson 6

War is ugly and horrific yet in some cases necessary for the defense of the country.  The most vivid pictures are those that are shown after bombs have destroyed homes and busses that have the lives of innocent people in them.
The hollow men are people who simply try to blend in.  They do nothing to stand out or make a difference, but simply go through daily life and try to get through every day.
They took family pictures and favorite items from home.  One family member took a childhood stuffed animal, which they still keep with them.  I will take things that my family members have given me in a way to keep them close when they are not with me.
The pieces are all about the sacrifices people make during war and that war is not as glamorous as it is made to appear in movies and books.  War is never good or pretty it is something horrible that no one should have to face.
All children should have a good education.  Historically education has been reserved for the rich or those deemed to have leadership qualities.  Still today the wealthy have better educational opportunities.  Wealth does not make intelligence, all children are valuable, and the wider variety of people getting education the better chance our country has to compete with other countries.
People should all have the same opportunities. Children born into poverty are not necessarily less intelligent than those with money. They simply may not have had the same opportunities.

All children are valuable and should be treated as such.  They should all be educated to give them better hope for the future.

It has been said that other countries are leading in technology and other areas because they spend more time educating their children.  If the United States spent more time educating all of their children there would be a wider variety of people presenting new ideas in the country and providing opportunities to compete with other countries.

All children deserve the opportunity to learn.  Education should not be reserved for the rich.

It has been said that it is important to learn history to keep it from repeating itself.  This is why it is important to learn about the holocaust.  It is something that should not be repeated.  The most vivid images were of the people in the camps, who were thin and obviously starving slowly.
The pieces dealing with the holocaust all talk about the pain and the torture the people went through.  They talk about death that came after long periods of maltreatment.  They were different in the personal experiences of the individuals in the stories.
In many Middle Eastern counties including Iraq women are not allowed to go out in public with their heads uncovered.  In England only the royal family can ever be royal.  In America everyone has the opportunity to try out for president.  All people should have the right to be successful in a chosen profession or even to run for leadership roles.
All of the writers had very strong beliefs that humans should have the basic right to be treated with dignity and respect.
The theme dealing with not gently dying is accurate.  No one should gracefully accept death. They should fight death every step of the way.  It ultimately wins, but should not win without a fight.
Plot and characters are very important in a short story.  A story that does not go anywhere is basically just an essay.  It needs good character development and the reader needs to be able to relate to or feel what the characters are going through.  A story with a lot of action is by far the best, because it keeps the reader’s attention.
In many Middle Eastern counties including Iraq women can not to go out in public with their heads uncovered.  In England only the royal family can ever be royal.  In America everyone can try out for president.  All people have the right to succeed in a chosen profession or even to run for leadership roles.
The stories have good character development, action suspense and keep the reader interested.  For this reason they meet the requirements of a good short story.