Journal: A Well of Hope Essay

            The main ingredient of care giving is genuine affection and concern. It is a physically challenging and demanding undertaking. But the primary sources of hope on the exhaustion of care giving are free will and dedication.

The fact that caregivers attend to the needs of the patients holistically and works for long, shifting hours are already draining and laborious but hope lies beyond selflessness and altruism. A caregiver’s voyage is usually not as smooth sailing as what other professions’ is expected of. ). Seeing improvement and recovery from patients are two of the most beautiful panoramas in a caregiver’s life, but being caregivers doesn’t mean that their only capability is render care to others. There must be equilibrium in terms of giving and receiving care because like other human beings, caregivers are vulnerable to intense and debilitating emotions, too.

 “Remember that the joy of giving is made possible by a willingness to receive”(Pettus 2004, pp 63).

            There is no harm in acknowledging support and care from family, colleagues and patients. It is a common thing for caregivers to experience anxiety and fatigue in carrying out tasks they are committed to do. But sharing these experiences and feeling like almost everyone around them had been through the same situation produces a sense of relief. That is a common ground for everyone and a state where certainty and self-assurance is achieved.

            As what Evie Rosen-Budd asserted, “Compassion is a virtue to be provided to every person in need and not just to the ones being taken cared of”(Goldman 2002, pp 77). Once caregivers become more open and recognize these sources of inspiration and optimism, care giving will now be more than a calling. Moreover, it is transformed into an expedition and footpath towards self-discovery and constant learning.


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