Journal # 2 Essay

Journal # 2

            Growing up, I have always wanted to have a career in business. I have always believed that I have the necessary skills and capabilities to become a highly competent and successful businessman in the future. Moreover, I believe that businessmen are highly essential to any country because the success or failure of a corporation or a company directly affects the economy one way or another. Businesses provide jobs; generate income, and direct capital, among others. In short, I wanted to have a career in business because I wanted to contribute in my own to the economy by generating capital.

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            However, having resources and money are not enough to make a certain business successful. For any company or corporation to succeed, the entrepreneur should possess the proper knowledge and skills on handling the business profit and finances so that it operates smoothly. In other words, one of the keys to become successful in any business is to know how to handle money or finances. This is why I took business accounting as my major. I believe that my current course would not only help me understand the nature of businesses but also provide me with the skills to make a business successful.

            As a business accountant, I would be able to apply my extensive knowledge in crucial business aspects such as managerial accounting, auditing of financial statements, business taxation, and payroll accounting, among others. I would also know how to perform important business tasks such as the analysis of the records and financial trends of a business and the preparation of financial reports which include tax reports, income statements, cost documents, and balance sheets.

            Furthermore, being a full-time student with no work experience so far, my board of director would be my older brother. Like me, he also studied the same major and he is now working in the field that I have always desired. He is basically my source of inspiration and motivation to become as successful as he is.

            As my mentor, my older brother gives me the best pieces of advice especially regarding my career. He shares with me his experiences as a student and tells me what I should do when I encounter problems. However, his support it not only limited to my school life as he also gives good advice on other important things in life. This is why I consider my brother as my driving force in life whom I want to emulate when I grow up.

            Meanwhile, according to the results of the MBTI report, I am basically a quiet, responsible, friendly and conscientious person. In addition, the report also said that I am a type of person who is fully committed to my duties and responsibilities and is steady in meeting the expectations and obligation given to me. Moreover, based on the report, I am painstaking, thorough, and accurate as well as a loyal and very considerate person. The report also indicated that I always notice and remember even the tiniest details and specifics about the people who are important to me and am always concerned with the feelings of the others around me. Finally, it also said that I always strived to create a harmonious working environment both at home and at work.

            Generally, the results are more or less an accurate reflection of my interests and personality style. I consider myself as a well-rounded and highly versatile person who can adjust to any type of situation. I am also an introvert and a sensitive type of person who is aware of all the things a happening around me. I am also loyal to my friends and the organization I belong to and I always strive to meet and even surpass expectations. In other words, I am a highly competitive person who constantly seeks to improve my own standards in life. The only result I disagree about is that I tend to make judgments and decisions based on my feelings emotions. Contrary to the report of the MBTI, I am actually an objective type of person. When I make a decision or when I judge something, I base it on facts, statistics, theories and accurate information and I do not rely on my emotions.