Jordan mass communication such as the radio,

R. Baker


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January 2018


You are Being Influenced

            Titus lives in Feed, a
dystopian futuristic world full of consumerism and media. Literally, Titus has
a constant flow of chats, games, and advertisements feeding straight into his
brain. This mass media becomes a part of Titus until him and a group of friends
take a trip to the moon, where they are all subject to a cyber attack by a
terrible hacker, who hacked their feeds. The feed is a computer that is
attached to the brain. This is pretty common in this world, “seventy-three
percent of Americans have feeds” (Anderson 112). “Everything we think and feel
is taken in by the corporations, and American Feedware, and they make a special
profile, one that’s keyed just to you, and then companies buy them, and they
can get to know what it is we need, so all you have to do is want something and
there’s a chance it will be yours” (Anderson 48). This level of consumerism
makes the feed riddled with advertisements directly targeting your needs,
wants, and desires. Unlike the extreme level of media influence found in Feed
by M. T. Anderson, today media still heavily influences society. Through
advertisements, popular influences, and culture all blasted by mass media.


            “Media influence examines how mass
media affects the ways audiences think and behave” (Coviello 1). Media
influence has affected society as a whole, especially the youth. Media is a
word that did not become a popular part of common vernacular until the 1920’s.

Media consist of popular culture and public opinion, this often times getting blasted
to the general public through mass communication such as the radio, television,
newspapers, magazines, books, e-mail, social networking websites, film, and
blogs. Advertisers use media to strategically target distinct consumer markets
often, appealing to the markets preconceptions, stereotypes, and ethics. These
advertisements often affect society by setting social standards for body image,
clothing, and health. Media influence, “can sway public opinion, target
specific audiences, and drive social change by promoting new social norms and
mores”(Coviello 2). For example, a topic of concern of media influence is
media’s influence on violence. The violence found in todays films, television,
and video games raise concern to what causes aggression and crimes among
different audiences of different age groups.

            Not only has mass media influenced
society as a whole, but also on a personal level. “Social media are websites or
web-based applications that allow people to communicate with others by sharing
information, images, and more” (Harmon 1).

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the major social media websites
people use to network and maintain relationships. These sites are not just used
by teenagers, many adults have traded out the outdated pen in paper; instead
using social media to stay in touch with others. “Using social media can affect
relationships with others in both positive and negative ways” (Harmon 1).

can be positively impacted in many ways by social media. “People can share
information about their lives through posts and instant messages on Facebook,
images on Instagram, tweets on Twitter, and more” (Harmon 1). A study presented
and conducted by the Pew Research Center reported, “74 percent of couples in
relationships said that the Internet has impacted their relationships in positive
ways” (Harmon 1).  Twenty-one percent
that were married or in a relationship felt more connected with their significant
other due to communication through social media.