Jon Benet Ramsey Paper Essay

Jon Benet Ramsey Paper

Homicide Victim: Jon Benet Ramsey

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What are the full names of Jon Benets parents?

            JonBenet’s parents were John Bennett Ramsey and Patricia Ann Ramsey.

Prior to the murder:

Prior to JonBenet’s murder, the Ramsey family lived an ideal, almost-perfect life. They lived in Boulder, Colorado and had many friends with whom they regularly socialized with. John, who had a military background, was a successful businessman and ran his own computer company. In 1996, the year that his daughter was murdered, he was voted off as “businessman of the year” in Boulder. Patricia who was also called Patsy, on the other hand, had a background in beauty pageants winning Miss West Virginia in 1977.

What was Jon Benets age at the time of her death?

            JonBenet was six years old at the time of her death. She was born on August 6, 1990 and was murdered on December 26, 1996.

What was the date/time Jon Benets body was discovered?

            Her body was discovered in the afternoon of December 26, 1996.

Who was the first person to discover Jon Benets Body? Was anyone with this person?

            It was JonBenet’s father together with a family friend who first discovered her body.

Describe where Jon Benets body was located, when found?

            Her body was found in the basement.

THE CRIME SCENE: Thoroughly describe Jon Benets body and any evidence found at the crime scene. For example: Was she clothed, nude, or partially nude? If clothed, describe what she was wearing: Clothing/jewelry? Describe any/all Physical or Trace evidence found at the crime scene.

            The victim was found covered in a white blanket. She was wearing a “long-sleeved white knit collarless shirt with a silver star in the middle decorated with sequins. She was also wearing a long white underwear, and there were red stains and urine on the panties” (CNN, 2006). She was also wearing a necklace, a bracelet on her right hand, and a ring on the right middle finger. A ligature, which was tied on a wooden stick, was wrapped around her neck. Her hair was tied in a pony-tail and some of the strands were entwined with the knot of the ligature. The wooden stick was believed to be a paintbrush from Patsy’s art tools. She had duct tape on her mouth and her arms were placed over her head. She was lying on a blanket and a hockey team sweatshirt.

Provide a thorough description of the details in the Ransom note. For example: What amount of ransom was being demanded? Was there evidence of a possible Intruder? Explain, if so.

            The 2-1/2 page ransom note was found by Patsy Ramsey on a staircase shortly after waking up on December 26, 2008. It indicated that the supposedly kidnappers of JonBenet were demanding $118,000, which was the same amount of bonus that John Ramsey received earlier that year. The kidnappers instructed the Ramseys not to contact the police or their daughter would be killed. It also instructed them to withdraw the $100,000 in $100 bills while the remaining $18,000 will be in $20 bills. Initial search of the house did not reveal any evidence of an intruder or a force entry. However, the police did not search the house thoroughly and this was demonstrated when John found his daughter in the basement. Investigation of the basement revealed a broken window, which was broken before Christmas but was never fixed.

What mistakes, if any, did the police make on the search & family interview? Was potential forensic evidence protected by police?

            The most crucial mistake that the police made in this case was not securing the crime scene from outsiders and even from the family members. Throughout the search, family members and family friends openly walked in and out of the house compromising and possibly contaminating the crime scene. John could have also contaminated the crime scene when he found his daughter and brought it back up to the house. The body was never photographed in its original state, which could have provided help with the investigation.

The police could have done a better job by securing the place and not letting anyone inside the house until the investigation was finished. There were also reports that the police did not put enough effort in investigating the crime because they have already assumed and suspected that the Ramseys committed the crime.

Explain what samples of physical evidence the Ramseys were required to provide the police.

            The Ramseys provided hair, blood, and hand writing samples to the police for comparison against the evidences collected during the investigation.

Did the DNA sample found in Jon Benets underpants belong to anyone in the Ramsey family?

            It was revealed that the DNA sample found in JonBenet’s panties did not match any of those living with her in the house at that time.

How did the press play a role in the implication that the parents were responsible?

            The whole investigation of this case was very poor in terms of security. Many information that were supposed to be kept were leaked to the media. The authorities have not had any conclusions about the case but the media already had their own hypotheses as to what had happened that fateful night. The media obtained their “evidences” from the videos taken from the Ramsey’s house. These “evidences” tried to imply that there is no proof that an intruder managed to get inside the house that night and that JonBenet’s own family had something to do with her murder.

How did the fact that Jon Benet had been entered by her parents into beauty contests factor into the negative publicity against the Ramseys?

            Some people disagree about beauty pageants that involved children of very young age. They believe that chidlren should be out playing and learning and not putting make up on or wearing heels so that they can be judged by their physical appearance. Because JonBenet’s parents allowed their daughter to join in these kinds of activities, they were looked upon and regarded as bad and irresponsible parents. The fact that they exposed their child to ridiculous activities contributed to the case and was seen negatively by the public.

Recently a man named John Mark Karr `confessed` to accidentally killing Jon Benet`. Summarize why/where the police arrested Mr. Karr and the disposition (outcome) of that arrest.

            John Mark Karr, who used to be a teacher, was arrested in Thailand due to his supposedly involvement with the case. It was revealed that he confessed to being with the victim at the time of her death. His confession was through an email sent to Michael Tracey. However, DNA testing revealed that he was not a match with those DNA found in JonBenet’s panties.

The Ramseys filed a $12 million Defamation Lawsuit against a major news network. Which network?

            The Ramseys filed the defamation lawsuit against The Fox News Channel.

Seperate Page:

1. In July, 2008 the District Attorney of Boulder, Colorado issued a formal apology clearing the Ramsey family in Jon Benets death: Explain why the DA issued this apology. In other words, based on what specific evidence was the Ramseys finally cleared as suspects?

            For a very long time, John and Patsy Ramsey were the prime suspects of JonBenet’s murder. Evidences pointed at them and the poor handling of the case by the authorities did not help. Also, the media tried to put two and two together and decided on their own that it was JonBenet’s parents who killed her. However, due to recent developments in the field of DNA testing, John and Patsy Ramsey were finally cleared as suspects of the murder. The District Attorney issued a letter apologizing to the family indicating that the DNA sample found on JonBenet’s underwear at the time of her death were of an unknown male and did not match any of the family members’ DNA sample. With this evidence, everyone who had doubts about the Ramsey family would be cleared off.


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