Jobs or the Environment Essay

Jobs or the Environment

            For years people have been debating over the most complex issue of economic growth against environmental protection. Imagine yourself living in a place where there is no sign of technology or growth. How would life be in Stone Age where people were not developed? A day where there exist no expertise to make life convenient. Hard to imagine isn’t it?

            Importance of jobs or economic growth can not be ignored. To being the argument it is important to know the definition of economic growth. It means optimistic growth in a country’s level of production for goods and service over a number of years. It is brought by technology innovation and growth. (Invertrowords, n.d). It is measured by increase of per capita income.

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  Environment does provide a healthy living for every human being and it’s every individual’s duty to keep our location pollution free but it fails to supply monetary benefits, better standard of living, convenient mode of life and many other facilities that we use in our daily lives.

Since money does not grow on trees and people have to take up jobs and do variety of work to earn a living, a person who has a family to support, bills to pay, fees for his children to give, a standard of living to maintain might take up a job which is not environment friendly. He can not be blamed for choosing such an option. He has responsibilities to take care of which forces him to go against his will. Any one at his place might end up doing the same.

             Due to industrialization, people are getting a lot of job opportunities. Inflation and recession comes under control when there are people working and working people can always afford environmental friendly products which will serve their purpose without harming the surroundings. It also leads to a better standard of living for common man.

            Because of globalization developed countries can extend help and support to under developed countries to come up with alternative methods of production and living that are not harming the environment. For example using paper bags over polythene bags, using cycles as mode of transportations as done in China, learning different method of recycling garbage and reusing them are some of the nature friendly techniques.

The concept of recycled product is becoming very popular in European and many developed countries. Recycled papers are being sold in markets in most countries of the world, cups are being made from recycled corn in US, green cleaning is the alternative of toxic and chemical products used at homes for cleaning, campaigns are being carried out to make local people aware of product tested on animals, alternative methods like hydro power, geothermal power, solar power are being introduced to produce electricity and agriculturist can use areo-green technology to grown temperate vegetable. (myonlinetour, n.d)

            Economic prosperity should not be at the cost of environment. Government should come up with alternative strategies to keep the environment clean and safe at the same time provide jobs and living for its citizens. Instead of pointing out on industries people should fined on throwing garbage on the roads, there should be dustbins available in every nook and corner, children should be taught about keeping their locality clean, alliances should be made with different developed countries for production of environmental products (Euractive, n.d), households should be trained with different methods of recycling and every government should be pro active to keep a balance between job market and environment protection.

There are many ways to keep the society clean for our coming generation. We can all learn and adopt these techniques to keep our surrounding pollution free and educate people around us about these methods. This will not hinder economic growth and the society can also stay dirt free.

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