Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Essay

1) Identify the current major components, tasks, or responsibilities of the selected position. Does the job currently allow any self-management or sense of choice? Does the position cultivate a sense of intrinsic motivation?

            Organizational culture has a very strong impact on the employees. It is the standard environment in which the employees have to adjust themselves. Everyone including men and women are involved in some kind of work these days. In order to retain the employees, it is essential for any organization to create such an environment in which the employees feel satisfied. Satisfying the employee is one of the primary goals of any organization to survive and grow in this vast competitive industry. This indeed is a big challenge that is to be achieved by the organization. For the employees to be satisfied it is important that they are motivated enough at work. Motivation proves to be extremely vital in the good performance of the employees

In this paper I shall be discussing the job design and the workplace rewards of the sales persons as a team and as individuals both. The major task of salesperson is to increase the sales of the company. They are the first line defense of any organization. They play a vital role in increasing or decreasing the sales figure of a company. They are the ones who come in direct contact with the retailers and customers, so they are the on ground representatives of the organization. In short they are the very face of the organization.

The responsibility of a salesperson besides sales is to represent the company and market its product. They also have to maintain good relations with their buyers in order to ensure future sales. The job is extremely task oriented and requires day to day hard work. It is complete field job where they have to visit different areas everyday and inquire that are occurring with the buyers. The job design of a sales person seems to be really simple but it isn’t. Because many people think that sitting in a office and making decision is much easier than to actually bear and see the consequences of decisions happening in front. Also the salesperson salary is not fixed but it largely depends upon how much he has been able to generate for the company. There are no cost benefits in this job.

The major components of this job are that the job is very tough but doesn’t require the recipient to be very educated. Therefore we see that many a salespersons become to families that come in the brackets of low income commodity. Successful salespersons have commented that this job is an art, a mind game of persuasion. One does not require education but only the skills to persuade people that whatever they are saying is true and they will benefit from their products.

The job currently is very much based on self-management and sense of choice. It is one job that can help a person grow and even reach the managerial level. One has complete choice whether to sell less or more. There are targets that are given but they are usually prescribed as the minimum level. A person can go beyond limits and earn for himself a good amount of money also. A salesperson has to be very organized and devoted to his work. He has to manage himself in such a way that all the given targets are achieved. Self management is one of the most important components of the job. Because the basic aim of the salesperson is to achieve the task what he has been assigned to do.

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2. Briefly discuss what company-wide rewards (e.g., bonus plans and/or profit-sharing) and one-to-one rewards (e.g., praise and/or recognition) currently exist. Examine and evaluate if these rewards are effective (or are not effective) in motivating behavior for this position?

            As mentioned earlier motivation is one of the most important tools to retain employees. If the employees are motivated only then they would work to the best of their skills and efforts. And the company would reap its result and eventually would achieve efficiency in the long run. One of the oldest and most successful methods of motivation is to give reward incentives to the employees. Reward can be in the form of hard cash or some extended facilities. Also rewards are in the form of promotions or some praise or recognition. But in the case of salespersons the most common reward is in monetary terms.

            The most common companywide reward is in the form of bonuses. Bonuses are additional increase in the pay of a whole lot of employees. It is either given to the entire organization or to the whole team. Another form of reward is known as the profit sharing reward. It is a very situational kind of a reward. Because whenever the companies earn any profits the profit is shared. And if it does not earn any profit or is going in loss then in that case the employees don’t get anything at all.

            Above mentioned rewards are given to individuals as well as a larger amount of people of the organization. Along with that there is also some individual reward system. This includes increase in pay, promotion and praise or recognition of any form.

            As in the case of motivation of the sales persons these rewards have proved to be quite successful in satisfying the employees. But there are some kinds of rewards that do not have as great an impact as desired especially with regards to the sales team. As mentioned earlier ion the paper that most of the salespersons come from the low income bracket of the society. Therefore it is natural that any increase in their salaries or the money they take home can prove to be the biggest source of motivation to work more and more.

            The profit sharing scheme of rewards is also very effective. Because in this case the salespersons know that the greater they expand the business the greater is the chance that they will get more profit share out of it. But profit sharing can also backfire therefore it is a risky system of reward as analyzed by many experts.

            The only system of reward that is least effective especially with regards to the job of the salesperson is that of recognition and praise. It is human psyche to get motivated when he/she is praised. It brings a sense of satisfaction and achievement altogether for the recipient. In the case of the salespersons it is also motivating. But they require more out of the company then just praise for the hard work they have put in. when a person is living from hand to mouth or is in extreme need of money. In that case the priority becomes earning more money. Therefore this reward system is not as successful. Not that I mean that it doesn’t work. But if we compare its results to the others methods it comes below.

3) Identify how goals are used at your company with regard to the selected position. Be sure to consider what kinds of goals are set, how the goals are set, and if the goal system is effective for this position.

The goals that are used in the company with regard to the specific position are operational goals. Operational goals are strategic plans that are developed at the lower level of management or employees. These goals have specifications that can guide and support tactical planning activities and help achieve the operational goals. These plans are result oriented and are a set of expectations that give measurable results from departments or individuals.

            Now such kinds of goals since they are made at the lower level are extremely result oriented. In such kinds of plans sales figures that are to be met are discussed. What should be the strategy to increase sales? Also how to deal with the sales of competitors and many such questions are answered at the operational goal setting level.

            These goals are set by comparing the past performance and the various statistics that are available. All the problem areas are analyzed and plans are made to deal with any such problems. Also at the operational small problems that occur in dad to day activity is dealt with. Since the sales persons have first hand knowledge about the progress of the product in the market. Their information is extremely valid and is passed to the higher authorities so that any problem that has to be rectified at the higher level is recognized. Salespersons are indeed an important resource of the company

            The basic goals are regarding the sales only. Also the quantity of sales force that is needed is part of the goal setting. Other type of goals may include increasing the sales territory and division of the sales territory amongst the sales force. Also introducing new techniques and incentives for the sales team so that they are motivated and can attract a good deal of customers.

These goals are achieved through extensive planning and research. Also some of the extra advantages have to be transferred to the retailers also. For example some of the discounts that the company has to offer has to be extended to the retailers so that they can buy more stuff form us rather than competitors.

The short-term goals are much successful in such kind of a position as compare to long term. This is particularly because the trends in the industry continuously keep on changing. Therefore in order to be active and competitive in the field it is essential that the salespersons are well equipped with the required strategies and goals. This is done in order to counter and face all the challenges of the new changing environment. Also to counter the various steps taken by the competitors.

Job satisfaction is very important for every employee to survive in any environment. For this the organization has to put forward various kinds of benefits for the employees so that hey remain contented. The performance appraisal is one of the key techniques to motivate employees at workplace. This system helps the company to judge which of the employees deserve to be rewarded. The reward system is a two way system, the company only rewards those who deserve or are capable enough. Therefore motivation can be extended to those employees only who deserve and are working in an appropriate manner.


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